Weds 26 Oct 2:00pm UK time

• Do you REALLY know which clients you should be targeting?
• Nate Burke, CEO of Diginius, knows all about how agencies can profile their target market and identify the key people to contact.
He’ll be talking us through vertical specialisation and why it’s much more effective than just random referrals and networking.

Mapping out your market and identifying key decision makers could help you target and win new biz far more effectively

“There are a few different ways agencies find their clients,” says Nate Burke, founder and CEO of Diginius

“One is through relationships, referrals, events and networking. The other type is vertical specialisation. If you specialise in a vertical, it’s easier to profile clients and produce clear marketing messages.”

“If you’re just building your client list off of random referrals, it’s much more difficult to create messaging that works, and then to develop a sales effort to go with that.”

Being able to profile your market and identify the key decision makers within your chosen field is a much more pragmatic approach to new biz and ROI – and it can also help you develop a longer-term, more effective sales strategy too.

“It’s more like account-based marketing to go out and find these clients,” says Nate. “If you have a defined vertical, you can go out and buy lists, use LinkedIn automation, do research and find out who to talk to, and more.”

Nate will be talking you through how you can map out your market and identify the right people in the right seats, and how it can have an immediate impact on your results.