Tues 18 Oct 11:00am UK time

When it comes to raising funds, there are lots of things to consider

Looking to buy?

If acquisitive M&A is part of your growth plan, where do you start when it comes to raising funds? Is growth capital or even private equity open to you as an option?

In our regular M&A Surgery, Simon Latarche, partner at Milestone Advisory, will be joining Miles Welch to talk all things fundraising.

“Success rates for raising capital are low and so it is important to produce high-quality documents that demonstrate your plan clearly, provide all the necessary financial support and truly reflect the unique selling points of your proposition,” says Simon.

  • How do you raise funds?
  • Who else is doing it?
  • Where do you start?
  • How can you make this compelling in a pitch deck?

“Above all, patience is a key attribute in the fundraising journey. If you assume it’s going to be twice as hard and take two times longer than expected then you are more likely to be pleasantly surprised,” says Simon.

Join us in our monthly M&A get-together, and have all your money-raising questions answered.