The Value in Finding Your Agency’s Niche

Thu 16 Jun 2022 11:00 am UK Time

Most agencies have a specialty, but have you ever considered finding your niche?
On the one hand, you don’t want to turn business away – but on the other, could you benefit from narrowing your clientele parameters?
• In this session, Alex and Claire Blyth from Red Setter share the story of how they found their niche, and show you how you can do it too.

We thought it would be easier to keep it loose, but it’s actually much easier to keep it restricted and say no to lots of people,” says Claire.

Around five years ago, Alex and Claire Blyth shared a lightbulb moment. 

They took the plunge and began niching Red Setter’s client pool in order to run a more creative and passionate PR and communications agency.

“We just went through all of our clients one day and worked out which ones we really liked working for,” says Alex. “All of the ones that we worked brilliantly with were brand design agencies.”

Claire adds: “We always leant towards design, but we didn’t want to narrow ourselves down too much, and we didn’t want to have to turn work away because of it.”

“We thought it would be easier to keep it loose, but it was the total opposite. It’s much easier to keep it restricted and say no to lots of people.” 

In this session, Alex and Claire will be taking us through:

  • How they found their niche in the first place.
  • The benefits niching down has brought the agency.
  • The challenges they’ve faced since honing in on their niche.

“We’re able to attract people who are really passionate about the impact that design can have on the world,” says Claire. “That enables us to keep really good people – people who love doing what they’re doing.”

However, committing to a niche means having to say no to potentially lucrative work.

“We did start to worry that as we got more and more niche we were limiting ourselves to maybe five potential companies. But that wasn’t the case at all,” Alex says. 

“We found it enabled us to look more globally, and now at least half of our business comes from outside the UK, which it didn’t five years ago.” 

Come along to hear how Alex and Claire earned global success through niching their agency’s client pool – and how you can too.