Tues 16 Jan 2024 2:00pm UK time

​​“Mastering KPIs and goal setting in your agency isn’t just about hitting numbers; it’s fundamentally about managing behaviours,” says Jason Neale, MD of The Agency Works.

For Jason, focusing solely on numbers means you’re missing the real issue.

“If you only ever look at the number, the chances are you’ll miss it. But if you manage your team’s weekly behaviours, then you’ve got a more of a fighting chance of making that happen.”

In this month’s operations mastermind, Jason will be talking about:

  • Reverse engineering your agency’s goals. “If I need half a million in new biz, and I know my average project with a client is £100k – one way of doing it will be to get five new projects on board. But how many opportunities do I need to make that happen? How many organisations do I need to speak to?”
  • A more strategic response to challenges. “Often what happens is agencies have grown, they’ve got mouths to feed. If you then lose one or two clients, the revenue drops. But rather than getting rid of that resource, you try to fill it with work. And then you get work that isn’t right for the agency or there’s no strategic approach to it. You need to ask yourself, what’s the plan here? What do we actually need to do to move this forward?”
  • The behavioural approach to KPIs. “When we talk about behaviours, it could be that you need to make 20 connections a week on LinkedIn, to get that one opportunity with someone,” says Jason. “If you don’t do that, it won’t happen – but how many businesses actually monitor this ‘smaller’ stuff?”

Join us as we delve into Jason’s KPI knowledge and discuss how you can better prepare and plan for your agency’s goals.