Tues 21 Mar 2023 11:00am UK time

You’re ready to sell your business – but do you know what buyers really want?

How can you make sure you’re appealing to the right interests of the right buyer for your business?

We’re looking into this in detail in this month’s M&A Surgery.

Milestone Advisory has done a lot of research in this, culminating in a report to bridge the gap between what sellers think buyers want – and what buyers actually value.

For example, the value of a business can vary according to both the experience of the buyer, as well as the overall size of the deal.

Those who have had more experience in the M&A sphere also tend to be more cautious when it comes to overinflation and overinflated markets.

This research Milestone has done is not only useful for your own agency’s growth plan, but it also helps you figure out exactly which things to work on and prioritise to make sure you’re a buyer’s prime candidate.

Come along to this month’s M&A Surgery as Miles Welch uncovers exactly what a buyer really values – and be sure to bring questions.