Thurs 31 Aug 2023 2:00pm UK time

How transparent is your agency?

For some, it’s important to be clear with the entire team across everything, from processes and operations, to big plans the agency has on the horizon.

For others, this can go even further, with transparent salaries and finances as part of the equation.

“We’ve always wanted to be quite transparent with people, but I think especially in our early days as a business, we made a lot of oversharing mistakes,” says Zoe King, founder of Epix.

“We weren’t promising the team anything, we were just trying to be transparent. But oftentimes, things would be taken as gospel – and that probably made us mature a bit and look at things a bit differently.”

Sometimes it can be tough to work out how much to share, especially in a competitive market – what if someone leaves and shares all your deepest, darkest secrets?

“There’s always going to be things that make you afraid to share stuff,” says Zoe.

“But as you mature as a business, you realise it’s not as straightforward. They can go and tell them one or two things, but actually, without context and details, you can’t tell everybody everything.”

“When we realised that, it removed a lot of fear. The benefit we get from sharing things with the team far outweighs the teeny, tiny change that they might go to a competitor with all our secrets.”

This is a chance to discuss how transparent you can and should be as an agency. We’ll be asking questions like:

  • Just how clear and honest should you be with your team?
  • What are you happy to share? And what is a hard no for you?
  • Have you made mistakes in the past when it comes to transparency? How have you resolved this?

Come along and share in this discussion of agency transparency, and share what your stance is within your agency. All experiences and opinions welcome!