How to Hire in 2022

Wed 16 Mar 2022 11:00 am UK Time

• Recruitment is proving difficult for almost every agency right now…
• …but is there a solid reason you’re struggling to find the right talent?
• In this session, Futureheads founder Be Kaler takes you through the recruitment trends of 2022 and some of the worst mistakes she sees agencies make during the hiring process.

Be Kaler Pilgrim says: “Tasks and tests aren’t working – invite candidates to a workshop instead.”

Are you having a tough time hiring? 

It seems as though everyone is in the same boat right now – and it sometimes feels like the talent isn’t even out there.

“Everybody desperately wants the talent, because the cost of NOT getting that talent means projects don’t go ahead and clients are unhappy,” says Be Kaler Pilgrim, founder of Futureheads Recruitment.

Be has worked in recruitment for the best part of 25 years, and has noticed a growing desperation for internal recruitment managers. 

In 2020 she launched Futureheads Syncd as an extension to her original recruitment agency, offering on-site consultancy and long-term hiring solutions.

“Many clients were coming to us saying they needed not one, or two, or three new hires, but they needed 50 hires for the next three years,” says Be. “The plan is we don’t just find you a hire – we help you build a process of recruitment that’s more autonomous.”

After rigorous research into the hiring processes of different clients, Be reckons she’s got the answers to the following questions:

  • Why is it so hard to hire right now?
  • Is the talent out there? Where can you find it?
  • What does the talent want from YOU?
  • What mistakes are you making in the recruitment process?

 “People in tech get tempted with different job offers about 20 times a day,” says Be. “So hiring managers need to be strong personalities; they need to be trained and fit to engage in order to win over the candidate.”

In this session, Be will be sharing her expertise and research on the recruitment trends of this year and highlighting the mistakes many agency leaders are guilty of making – come along with any questions you may have.