Thurs 1 Dec 2:00pm UK time

• Some of the tried and tested growth methods really are the best…
• …but when it comes to the ethics of these methods, the waters are murky.
Lee Fitzpatrick from Zebra Growth will be showing you how you can build an ethical growth funnel to help balance profit and purpose.

Lee will be showing you how you can build a more ethical growth funnel when using account-based marketing tactics

For Lee Fitzpatrick, MD at Zebra Growth, growth marketing is his bread and butter.

But while his agency uses account-based marketing to help grow their clients businesses, they also look at the principles behind how big business operates and how agencies can ‘do better’ with the same-old tricks and tips.

One way of doing this is to create an ethical growth funnel, which is key to finding and winning new business in a way that aligns with an agency’s overall ethics and vision.

“Our whole proposition as a business is to help those social impact businesses define their purpose, using growth hacking to accelerate that impact,” he explains.

“One of the angles we’re exploring with our clients right now is how to do account-based marketing in a way that is much more ethical.”

“How do you really clearly define the lines around business development and marketing when deploying account-based marketing, while also making sure you’re minimising its negative impact?”

Lee will be showing you how you can create a more ethical growth funnel for your agency, and also demonstrating just how easy it can be for agencies to balance profit with a more purpose-driven outlook.