Weds 22 Mar 2023 11:00am UK time

Amy wants to know how her agency can win bigger ticket projects – and how to prepare for them

When you’re used to a certain size of client project, it can be difficult to know how to attract bigger ones – especially when you don’t know what the client is expecting of you. 

But sometimes expanding your search is necessary for you to grow your business.

“We want to grow 40% each year for the next few years, but we can’t sustain that on our current average contract size – around £50k,” says Amy Clamp, commercial director at Beatfreeks.

“How do we find and pursue the right people who can give us the level of project we need?”

Beatfreeks is a full-service insight and engagement agency that specialises in increasing relevance with young and diverse audiences.

At the moment, the agency is almost completely project-based. In order to grow the business at the desired rate, Amy thinks they need a slightly different approach. 

One thing they’ve considered is joining a public sector framework so they can attract larger public sector tenders. But for other brands and organisations, the procurement process is going to look very different to what they’re used to. 

So, Amy wants to know:

  • What makes an organisation want to spend big money with you?
  • How likely are organisations to commit to a £100k piece of work with an agency they’ve not worked with before?
  • What kinds of things might a client be facing, should they want to commission someone for that level?
  • How long does it take to sign off projects this size? 
  • What impact does this have internally? What does that ROI look like?

“If we understand the kinds of questions a client might be asking, and the hoops they’re having to jump through, then we can support the client in that and be better prepared,” Amy says. 

Do you have experience with this transition? How did your agency navigate the change?

Come along to share your own solutions and help Amy tackle this problem.