Weds Dec 6 2023 11:00am UK time

One thing that employees don’t always realise about agency leaders: it really stings when people leave!

In this session, we’ll talk to recruitment expert Jo Carter about the current state of employee retention. Surprise: a lot of it comes down to culture.

“How do you retain the culture that you want in your business whilst you’re growing your team out?” says Jo.

“Some of my biggest clients are beginning to think very smartly about how they go about structuring their interviews, to make sure they not only get people in their team who are the right technical fit, but also the right cultural fit.”

If you’re hiring at the moment – or planning to in the near future – join us for a heart-to-heart discussion with recruitment expert Jo Carter as we delve into the true essence of a company’s culture and its pivotal role in hiring.

Discover how to foster a workplace environment where shared values naturally cultivate a thriving culture, leading to not only attracting the right talent but retaining it.