• Hang out with your client services friends
• What are you working on? What challenges do you face?
• Get help from other smart agencies

Wed 1 Dec 2021 2:00 pm UK Time
Hang out with your client-facing peers at other great agencies in the monthly Agency Hackers client-services mastermind

Join our monthly mastermind for client services folk.

How are you responding to client challenges this month? Take part in this month’s client services mastermind to discuss all your successes and concerns.

Sometimes it’s good to get help from people who are doing the same job as you at different companies. If you want to share your experience or find out how other people deal with similar problems, this session is for you.

Some tips to get the most from Mastermind:

  1. Speak as openly as possible – feel free to ask anything (within reason!) and share as much knowledge as you think useful.
  2. If you need help, ask for it. If you don’t know something or haven’t heard of a tool/tech/framework, say so and we’ll try to find someone