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Thu 21 Apr 2022 2:00 pm UK Time
Marc Obrart co-founded his agency fin-house last year, which offers flexible in-house finance solutions for businesses

“When it comes to finance, there’s always lots of talk around profit and margins. While that’s obviously really important, it’s not the focus for growing and scaling. And it’s not going to be the thing that makes or breaks whether you grow.”

Our CFO surgery is for the folks with their finger on the financial pulse. You can ask questions, seek support, share wisdom, and troubleshoot in real time.

This month, we have finance expert Marc Obrart, CEO of fin-house, joining us. He’ll be discussing all things to do with future-focused finance.

  • How can you use finance to your advantage?
  • What does your growth journey look like? What part can finance play in facilitating that?
  • What figures do you share with your team? How do you share them? How can you make it relevant to their role?

“I think finance is best served when it allows CEOs and non-finance people to be strategic without having to worry about any of numbers – it just kind of it makes things happen,” Marc says. “It’s like the glue in the business that helps bring everything together, and it facilitates that growth journey.”

Join this month’s session to discuss all this and more – and bring some questions to be answered by the expert…