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We’re looking for agencies that are innovating with AI.

A lot of businesses know that AI could help them – or hinder them. But many are struggling to know where to place their chips, or how to get their team engaged and on board.

The Great Agencies AI Innovators Top 50 celebrates 50 agency leaders (and their teams) who are making meaningful strides with AI in their agency. We want to recognise and celebrate people who are blazing a trail – so other people can learn from their success.

  • You can nominate yourself, or somebody you know.
  • We’re looking for agency leaders and their teams who have taken bold, interesting or strategic steps to use AI in their business.
  • The AI Innovators Top 50 is compiled from your nominations and selected by an industry judge.

Nominations are free – and for a limited time we’re donating Β£5 for each entry to charity, so get nominating!

The deadline for nominations is 11th March 2024 – so get nominating!

We’re looking for people who have given their all to agency growth. It could be a leader, or a member of the team. Nominate now!