Running order

Here is the current running order for the Agency Growth Summit 21st March 2024. Line-up subject to change.

Opening Act

⏰ 1.15pm

Welcome to the event! Hear what’s coming up, and who’s in the room.

📍 Theatre

⏰ 1.20pm

Growth means keeping the right people busy with the right work. But how does your business measure up?’s Lubna Quraishi has the facts and figures. Joined by Reech agency’s Rob Hughes

📍 Theatre

⏰ 1.30pm

What does it take to hit £1m in profit? Hear from two agency leaders – J2’s Julian West and Ten Thousand Hours’ Martin Richardson – who have achieved £1m EBITDA. They’ll be on hand to give candid advice and take questions on exactly how they did it.

Moderated by Ian Harris and

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Breakout sessions #1

⏰ 2pm – 2.45pm

Stages of Growth

Moderated by Nimbus Hosting‘s Olly Feldman

What does growth teach you?

In this session you’ll hear candid lessons from three agency leaders – Reflect Digital’s Becky Simms, Fox Agency’s Ben Fox, and BrightCarbon’s Joby Blume.

Each of these leaders has grown their agency to a significant size. They’ll share the lessons and mistakes at each stage of their growth, so you know what to expect – and can hopefully avoid some elephant traps.

📍 Theatre

⏰ 2pm – 2.45pm

How To Build A New Biz ‘Machine’

Let’s Run Social’s James Urquhart has used content marketing principles to build a “new business machine” that runs like clockwork.

A popular podcast drives traffic to a productised consultation (“The Ads Clinic”) which in turn delivers clients.

“We’ve got a vasectomy clinic in Australia that spends about £100k a year with us now. And that was all from a podcast lead, that signed up to our Ads Clinic, which became an agency client,” says James.

Hear James explain how this content marketing machine works – so you can decide whether you should build one of your own.

📍 Bronte

⏰ 2pm – 2.45pm

Why We Switched to a 50% Retainer Model

“COVID made us realise that our business model was all wrong,” says Martin Woolley, board director at What’s Possible Group.

Pre-pandemic, 97% of What’s Possible’s income came from executional work. This meant the agency was doing a lot of strategy for clients, but wasn’t getting paid for it.

Something had to change.

In this session, you’ll hear why and how What’s Possible Group started to get paid for thinking rather than just doing.

📍 Eliot Room

⏰ 2pm – 2.45pm

Community-based Marketing

Session facilitated by Coral Wood of Insites

Wish you had a community? Life is simpler, and business is much easier, when you have a warm audience to market to.

In this session, Michelle Goodall (former CMO of Guild) will delve into how community-based marketing can help grow your business organically, and strengthen client relationships.

She’ll take us through real-life case studies, and give you some tips on starting one yourself.

📍 Chaucer Room

2.45pm – Coffee and networking break

We’re serving a selection of tea, coffee, and snacks to keep you going. We’re giving you 35 minutes for this, so you can properly get to know the others.

Breakout sessions #2

⏰ 3.20pm – 4pm

Win Without Pitching

What if you vowed to never pitch again? That’s what Aaron Hutchinson did.

In this session, Aaron will be sharing his journey with the ‘Win Without Pitching’ system. He’ll discuss how it helped his agency grow, lifted team morale, and how it could do the same for you too.

📍 Theatre

⏰ 3.20pm – 4pm

Active Farming

Moderated by Frankie Galvanoni and Abi Donoghue

Is the key to success making the most of the client relationships you’ve already got?

When it comes to client work, Jonathan Leafe is a big advocate of an ‘active farming’ approach. At Agency Growth Summit, Jonathan will be taking us through the pros of this approach. He’ll take us through how you can identify clients that are naturally on the up – and how you can join them on their journey too.

📍 Bronte

⏰ 3.20pm – 4pm

How ‘Stepping Back’ Can Help You Scale Your Business

Moderated by Sophie Cunningham and

Emerging Comms founder Domenica Di Lieto says referrals are king when it comes to new business – and the easiest way to get those is by getting out and about.

At Agency Growth Summit, Domenica will share how her agency is still raking in new biz leads in a turbulent market. She’ll talk about how ‘stepping back’ from the day to day can help you scale your business.

📍 Eliot

⏰ 3.20pm – 4pm

How To Hire A Salesperson

Moderated by Kirstie Sutherland

For Sadie Groom, CEO of Bubble Agency, hiring an “old-school salesperson” has been a total game-changer. She hired Andrew – whose expertise in sales (think selling ads in the newspaper) has transformed new biz for Sadie’s agency.

In this session, we’ll hear from her about the effect hiring a salesperson into a traditionally marketing-driven industry has had on her agency – and why it might stand you in good stead to do the same.

📍 Chaucer


⏰ 4.05 – 4.15pm

How a strong retainer strategy helps your agency grow

With Nimbus Hosting‘s Olly Feldman

Are you making the most of retainers? Generally, agencies that have been able to leverage retainers increase their bottom-line, and develop a calmer, more predictable business.

Nimbus’ Olly Feldman will outline research Nimbus has conducted into the significant opportunities afforded by embracing a retainer-first approach to client work.

📍 Theatre

⏰ 4.15 – 4.45pm

Get Stuff Done with Design Thinking

Your best ideas hit you when you least expect them. In the shower, walking the dog, on a beach in Ibiza. But by the time you’re back in work mode, the idea has lost all momentum.

So how can you capture those gold star ideas and put them into action?

In this talk, Gareth Dunlop will explore how agency leaders can use design thinking to translating ideas into actionable solutions.

If you are worried the great ideas you’ve picked up at the conference won’t happen, you don’t want to miss this.

📍 Theatre

⏰ 4.45pm – 5pm

Agency Growth Index – Top 50 Winners

With Ian Harris and Wix Studio’s Crystal Carter

What are the most interesting and original stories of agency growth?

To close the conference, we’ll recognise the people who made it onto the Great Agencies Growth Index Top 50 – and highlight some of the most interesting stories that you can learn from in your quest to grow your agency.

📍 Theatre