IN June 2023?

MARKETING & NEW BIZ MASTERMIND: Navigating the Tender Application Process

11am, Tuesday 27th June 2023

  • The tender process can be an arduous one.
  • What should you include in your bid to make sure you win? And where do you even start in the first place?
  • In this month’s marketing and new biz mastermind, our panellists – Amabel Grant, Becky Whittaker and Russell Jones – take you through the tender application process and the hurdles you should be aware of.

Is Ayahuasca the Key to Transforming Your Leadership?

2pm, Wednesday 28th June 2023

  • Any kind of personal development is important to become a better, more thoughtful leader.
  • But for Martin Palethorpe, really shifting your consciousness could be the answer to making this difference.
  • He’ll be sharing his experience in the Andes, taking part in Ayahuasca and Yopo ceremonies, and how you as a leader could benefit from being more deeply connected to both yourself and the world.

LINKEDIN MASTERMIND: What Tools Do You Use to Boost Your Agency’s Profile?

11am, Thursday 29th June 2023

  • Brand pages don’t typically get a lot of engagement, but they do say a lot about your company – not just to potential clients, but to new talent too.
  • So, what can you do to make sure your agency’s purpose really shines through on your company page?
  • We’ll be talking about this in this month’s LinkedIn mastermind session.

Agency Time Management Report: What You Can Learn From How 3,600 Agencies Track Time

2pm, Thursday 29th June 2023

  • How does your agency manage its time? It’s a simple question – but it’s the difference between an agency that is growing and profitable, and one that’s losing money and is stressful to run.
  • has studied 3,600 agencies to create the Agency Time Management report.
  • Join us to learn how to optimise your time management strategy, prevent over and underestimation of tasks, and keep your workforce healthy, happy, and highly productive.