Thursday 29 Jun 2023 2:00pm UK time

What mistakes are agencies making when it come to managing their time?
Teamwork has studied how 3,600 agencies track their time – using live data from its tool
Join us to see what you’re missing (and find out what you’re getting right)

How does your agency manage its time? It’s a simple question – but it’s the difference between an agency that is growing and profitable, and one that’s losing money and is stressful to run.

One thing that seems to unite the best run agencies is that they know where their time is being spent.

Teamwork has studied 3,600 agencies to create the Agency Time Management report – and in this Agency Hackers session you’ll be one of the first to see what it discovered.

What are agencies are doing right with time? What are some common mistakes? And where is there still room for improvement?

The survey reveals some fascinating insights:

  • Overestimation! 61% of tasks are estimated to take LONGER than they end up taking. (And web development agencies are the worst.)
  • Burnout! 15% of agency staff working over 40 hours per week.
  • Last minute time tracking! 5–6pm on Fridays are the most popular day to log time.

Join us to learn how to optimise your time management strategy, prevent over and underestimation of tasks, and keep your workforce healthy, happy, and highly productive.

It’s a great chance to pick up some tips, see what others are doing, and redefine your agency’s relationship with time.