CLIENT SERVICES MASTERMIND: Why Should You Focus on ‘Active Farming’ When Winning New Biz?

2pm, Tuesday 9th January 2024

  • When it comes to client work, Jonathan Leafe is a big advocate of an ‘active farming’ approach.
  • Jonathan will be joining us in this month’s client services mastermind to go through the pros of this active farming approach.
  • Come along to hear more about this approach to nurturing client relationships, and how it could help you move away from a sole new biz approach.

HR & PEOPLE MASTERMIND: How Can You Get Your Team to Think Bigger?

11am, Thursday 11th January 2024

  • Introducing the concept of growth mindset to your entire team is one thing, but getting them to implement it is an entirely different ball game.
  • “The thing with growth mindsets is, you have to fail,” says Claire Lamb, director of Skout. “That’s the whole point. You don’t grow or learn unless you fuck it up in some way.”
  • Join us as we discuss with Claire the importance of going beyond theory and knowledge, and how Skout’s practical approach has improved things for both her team AND her clients’ happiness.

OPERATIONS MASTERMIND: How Can You Master Goal Setting and KPIs?

2pm, Tuesday 16th January 2024

  • ​​“Mastering KPIs and goal setting in your agency isn’t just about hitting numbers; it’s fundamentally about managing behaviours,” says Jason Neale, MD of The Agency Works.
  • In this month’s operations mastermind, Jason will be talking all about reverse engineering your agency’s goals, taking a more strategic response to challenges, and adopting a behavioural approach to KPIs.
  • Join us as we delve into Jason’s KPI knowledge and discuss how you can better prepare and plan for your agency’s goals.

BREAKING GROWTH BARRIERS: “How We Went from Zero Clients to Millions in Revenue”

11am, Wednesday 17th January 2024

  • “We had no clients, no money, no office… absolutely nothing.”
  • Fast forward seven years later, and for Martin Richardson, it’s quite the opposite: his agency Ten Thousand Hours is now making waves, including a whopping £4.2m in revenue, and £1m EBITDA.
  • Join us as Martin shares his agency’s growth journey so far, and how they’ve overcome the usual growth obstacles to success.

CFO SURGERY: “How We Increased Client Retention Through Productisation”

2pm, Thursday 18th January 2024

  • Retaining clients is a nightmare for agencies right now. But what if you could have more predictable revenue and smoother financial forecasting?
  • Dan Drury, co-founder of Bowen Craggs, will be joining this month’s CFO Surgery to talk about the benefits of productisation.
  • Come along to this month’s CFO Surgery to hear more about the positive outcomes of productising services – and how it could help your bottom line too.

MARKETING & NEW BIZ MASTERMIND: “Why We Hired An Old School Salesperson”

2pm, Wednesday 24th January 2024

  • Is what your agency REALLY need is a good old-fashioned salesperson?
  • For Sadie Groom, CEO of Bubble Agency, hiring a salesperson has been a total gamechanger.
  • Join us as we talk to Sadie about the transformative effect hiring a salesperson into a traditionally marketing-driven industry has had on her agency – and why it might stand you in good stead to do the same.

CEO SUMMIT: Gearing Up to Step Back

2pm, Thursday 25th January 2024

  • There comes a time in every agency leader’s life when they must start creating the space to lead and not just do…
  • But while preparing to scale will look very different depending on your business, there are some general rules of thumb to abide by. 
  • In this month’s CEO Summit, Domenica Di Lieto, CEO of Emerging Comms, will join us to share her story of stepping back from the day-to-day of working inside the business. She’ll tell us how she did it, who she hired and when, and the lessons she wished she’d learned the first time around.

AI WHISPERERS: “How We’re Crafting Tailored Client Content with AI”

2pm, Tuesday 30th January 2024

  • Harry Fielder, CEO of Umi Digital, seems to have found a way to make ChatGPT content more relevant. Coming from a tech background, Harry realised that if the main problem was the training data, then that’s what they needed to change.
  • “Everyone is sitting on a whole load of data just waiting to be used. But very few people are actually using it to maximise the value of AI in their business.”
  • In this session, Harry will tell us in detail how his agency is combining client data with AI tools to create meaningful marketing content. Come along to hear in detail how the strategy came to light and how you could use it for your own clients.

How Can You Bring Your Agency Back from the Brink of Going Under?

2pm, Wednesday 31st January 2024

  • “It was a Wednesday night. I’d just got the Q1 forecast, and I thought, “ That was it. That was the night my dream died.”
  • What do you do when things aren’t going according to plan? In January 2023, John Quinton-Barber, founder and CEO of Social, realised that something needed to be done.
  • The business is in a good place now. But John will take us through what happened – so you can stash this knowledge for when this happens to you.