Wed 24 Jan 2024 2:00pm UK time

Is what you REALLY need a good old-fashioned salesperson?

For Sadie Groom, CEO of Bubble Agency, hiring a salesperson has been a total gamechanger.

“In PR agencies, it’s usually all done by the founders and associate directors. Before, new biz was very much dependent on my network and me being out there,” Sadie explains.

But founder-led sales and marketing can only go so far.

Enter Andrew, whose expertise in sales (think selling ads in the newspaper type expertise) has transformed the new business element of Sadie’s business.

She’ll be joining us to discuss why adding a salesperson to her team has been a game-changer, including:

  • The immediate impact. Andrew’s expertise and proactive approach quickly led to a substantial increase of 17-20% in additional revenue for the agency.
  • A difference in approach. “People don’t pick up the phone these days, but he’s not scared in any way to start a conversation with anybody, and on LinkedIn or email too.”
  • The benefit of having someone in-house rather than outsourcing. “External agencies might take months to start producing results,” says Sadie. “With Andrew, we saw immediate action and a deeper connection with our company’s ethos and objectives.”

By having a salesperson on the team, it means things get done much quicker – and much more directly.

“We interviewed two agencies, and both of them said they’d be able to get us a meeting with a potential client after the first three months,” says Sadie. “But if I’m going to give you a list, you should be getting me meetings quicker than that.”

“We provided Andrew with a list of 400 companies and he got on with it straight away.”

Join us as we talk to Sadie about the transformative effect hiring a salesperson into a traditionally marketing-driven industry has had on her agency – and why it might stand you in good stead to do the same.