IN February 2024?

CLIENT SERVICES MASTERMIND: How Can We Make Clients ‘Sticky’?

2pm, Tuesday 6th February 2024

  • Long-term client retention can be tough. So, how can you make sure clients ‘stick’ around? And how can you make the most of your existing relationship with them?
  • This is the question Emily Brown, head of client services at Receptional, is asking.
  • In this month’s client services mastermind, we’re calling on the Agency Hackers hive mind to help Emily with her client conundrum. What can you share on this topic? What has worked for you? What hasn’t worked so well? We want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly…

HR & PEOPLE MASTERMIND: How Employer Branding Can Help with Growth

11am, Thursday 8th February 2024

  • Finding great talent is still a mammoth task for a lot of agencies. Especially when you’ve created a culture that you’re proud of – it takes time to find the right fit. So instead of focusing your efforts on finding new people, perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at the ones you’ve already got?
  • At AMBITIOUS, people are paramount. They haven’t had a single case of staff attrition in four years – and they say it’s mostly down to their employer brand.
  • In this session, director Lis Anderson will explore how their agency has fostered a positive employer brand, and will delve into the positive impact this has had on their team, their clients, and their ability to grow the agency.

OPERATIONS MASTERMIND: Act Like a Small Agency, Think Like a Big One

11am, Tuesday 13th February 2024

  • Documenting processes is often only thought about when it becomes urgently necessary. But Tim Downs, director at Aberfield Communications, stresses the importance of getting this sussed out while your agency is still small.
  • “We’re trying to maintain what it is that makes a small agency special, while making sure that everything that large agencies need to run smoothly is in place early on, so we’re well-equipped for growth.”
  • In this session, Tim will be delving into his three-pronged, three-year plan to set up his small agency as a mighty one. He’ll share what they did and when, why they did it, and the impact this has had on the business, the team and the agency’s clients.

M&A SURGERY: How Has the M&A Landscape Transformed?

11am, Thursday 15th February 2024

  • Joe Hine, partner at SI Partners Global, has combined his deal-making experience with a great amount of research into the M&A space in 2023 – and what is in store for 2024.
  • In this month’s M&A Surgery, Joe will offer up his real world experiences and perspectives in the M&A world, and help you understand the current M&A landscape. 
  • Whether you’re planning to sell soon, or it’s in your five-year-plan to get your agency ready for exit, this session will be incredibly helpful.


2pm, Tuesday 20th February 2024

  • Agency networking is a bit like buying a TV licence: everyone knows you should probably do it, but it still feels like the resource is better spent elsewhere.
  • What you need is someone to take the risk out of it. An event that won’t steal too much time out of your calendar, but is still just as valuable in terms of connections.
  • Come along for an hour-long session of speed networking. You’ll have four chances to meet likeminded people, and come away with some new contacts. All you have to do is sign up, we’ll handle the rest!

New Leaders’ Hangout

10am, Friday 23rd February 2024

  • Stepping up to the plate in your agency, whether that’s as MD or a head of department, can be quite a daunting process.
  • The new leaders’ hangout is a place for you to meet like-minded folk also making this leadership transition – somewhere you can share, commiserate and advise one another as you ride the same rollercoaster.
  • Please note, this session isn’t uploaded to the members’ area, so you can be as candid as you like.

AI WHISPERERS: How Will AI Reshape the Future of Marketing Teams?

11am, Tuesday 27th February 2024

  • While the world gets carried away with LLMs and speeding up processes with automation, Adam Naisbitt is looking much further ahead – and he says the future of marketing teams is looking bleak.
  • He’s developed an AI tool that can generate a complete marketing strategy from start to finish, including competitor analysis, customer profiling, positioning, campaigns, content plans, and task breakdowns – all without any human intervention.
  • In this session, Adam will share a live demo of his new tool to demonstrate how AI can be properly utilised in marketing – and we’ll discuss what this could mean for the architecture of marketing agencies. 

How Can You Harness Your Personal Brand for New Biz?

11am, Thursday 29th February 2024

  • “I’ve built my whole business through LinkedIn,” says Fiona Bradley, founder and director at FB Comms. But for Fiona, it’s not just the online side of things: it’s also about how this reflects off-screen and in-person.
  • In this session, Fiona will be sharing more about how she leverages her online personal brand for in-person new biz, including how it has helped TRIPLE her business’ monthly revenue.
  • Join us as we dive deeper into Fiona’s world of personal branding. Learn how to make your personal brand not just a part of your business strategy, but the heart of it.