Thurs 29 Feb 2024 11:00am UK time

“I’ve built my whole business through LinkedIn,” says Fiona Bradley, founder and director at FB Comms.

But for Fiona, it’s not just the online side of things: it’s also about how this reflects off-screen and in-person.

One particular success story happened at a recent networking event.

“There’s the in-person bit of personal branding that a lot of people miss,” says Fiona. “I met this guy at an event from a major fitness brand, and we just got chatting. He checked out my LinkedIn profile afterwards, and that’s how we started talking business.” 

It wasn’t just her presence at the event that clinched the deal; it was how her authentic personal brand resonated through her LinkedIn profile. 

“It’s about making real connections, not just digital ones,” Fiona explains. “Your personal brand should be a seamless extension of who you are.”

In this session, Fiona will be sharing more about how she leverages her online personal brand for in-person new biz, such as:

  • Using LinkedIn as a business tool, and how this has helped her triple her business’s monthly revenue.
  • The art of real-life connections leveraged online, and how they can become new biz opportunities and easy wins.
  • Crafting a magnetic and authentic personal brand that attracts the right clients, but also the right team members too.

Join us as we dive deeper into Fiona’s world of personal branding. Learn how to make your personal brand not just a part of your business strategy, but the heart of it.