Thurs 15 Feb 2024 11:00am UK time

“You get this idea that the world has gone to pot… but actually, buyers are still very, very hungry to do deals.”

Joe Hine, partner at SI Partners Global, has combined his deal-making experience with a great amount of research into the M&A space in 2023 – and what is in store for 2024.

“We’re seeing a lot more confidence in the marketplace; people are reevaluating where they are, what their own personal goals, achievements and desires are. I think we’re going to see a more active market”.​

The main risk – and fear – for founders considering M&A is that market valuations have taken a step backwards, but exceptional businesses will still get exceptional prices because they’ll always be in high demand. 

In this session, Joe will also delve into:

  • What’s REALLY going on in the agency M&A world.
  • The strategic importance of M&A in today’s market.
  • The impact of rising interest rates.
  • The emerging changes in the buyer landscape.
  • The increasingly dominant role of private equity.
  • The relatively robust nature of prices and valuations in the current market.

In this month’s M&A Surgery, Joe will offer up his real world experiences and perspectives in the M&A world, and help you understand the current M&A landscape. 

Whether you’re planning to sell soon, or it’s in your five-year-plan to get your agency ready for exit, this session will be incredibly helpful.