Fri 23 Feb 2023 10.00am UK time

Stepping up to the plate in your agency, whether that’s as MD or a head of department, can be quite a daunting process.

  • How can you assert yourself as a leader, in your own way? How are you adapting to the challenges that come with leadership?
  • You might be stepping up to eventually take over completely from an agency founder who does things in a certain way, and it’s a lot of pressure to fill those shoes.
  • You might be managing people who before were your peers, or perhaps used to be senior to you, which is a very big shift in dynamic – and you’re not sure how to assert yourself.
  • Perhaps you’re looking to switch things up or change things that others don’t agree are broken – and that can sometimes lead to tricky conversations.

The new leaders’ hangout is a place for you to meet like-minded folk also making this leadership transition – somewhere you can share, commiserate and advise one another as you ride the same rollercoaster.

(Please note, this session isn’t uploaded to the members’ area, so you can be as candid as you like.)