IN JUNE 2024?

CLIENT SERVICES MASTERMIND: Why You Should Choose ‘Unsexy’ Clients

11am, Tuesday 4th June 2024

  • What exactly is an ‘unsexy’ client? Ultimately, it comes down to the perception of others. 
  • Some industries might lack the obvious glamour of a well-recognisable brand, but it doesn’t mean you should turn them away. Working with such clients might just open up the possibility of doing some good, to really challenge yourself and try new things.
  • Join us for this upcoming client services mastermind panel, where we’ll be joined by Helen Foord, Cat Kavern and Kristina Ball. Together, we’ll be exploring why you should choose unsexy clients and why they’re actually not that unsexy at all.

CEO SUMMIT: How Do You Know When It’s Time to Sell?

2pm, Thursday 6th June 2024

  • “I was at the end of my rope. I just didn’t want to do it anymore.” There comes a time in every agency founder’s story when they realise they want out – for Jon Payne, this was last year.
  • “It was a bit like that moment when you suddenly realise you need to move house. I just realised it was ridiculous.”
  • In this month’s CEO Summit, Jon will be joining us to shed more light on why he felt it was the right time to sell his agency, how he navigated the process in a way it worked for him (spoiler: no earn-out) – and perhaps help you figure this out too.

Do Your Clients Really Understand What They’re Paying For?

11am, Wednesday 12th June 2024

  • “Someone once told us, ‘You should run your agency like a law firm, they charge for every minute’,” says Kirsty Ostell, managing director at While charging by the minute is definitely not how things are done at, it did spark a big discussion among the team: Why are some professional services valued so much higher than others?
  • If you look at the margins for other professional services compared to the averages in the marketing world, it’s not their fee structures that dictate this, but instead how they demonstrate value to their clients.
  • Join us for this session, where Kirsty will be sharing how this approach has helped her agency foster a new value-centric approach to client work – and how it’s helped drive better client relationships and results.

M&A SURGERY: How Can You Secure Private Equity Investment?

2pm, Thursday 13th June 2024

  • Private equity investment can be a game-changer, promising rapid growth and expansion for agencies. For founders, it’s also a huge chance to cash in and take some chips off the table.
  • But navigating this path is no mean feat. How can you secure this kind of investment, and stand out from the crowd, while retaining what makes your agency inherently you?
  • Two years ago, Raman Sehgal embarked on this journey himself, taking his agency ramarketing to market and achieving the remarkable milestone of a double-digit multiple valuation, a rare and significant achievement in the agency world. He will be taking us through his investment journey, and helping you figure out if this is the right path for you too.

TECHNICAL MASTERMIND: What Are The Benefits of Building Your Own Platform?

11am, Tuesday 18th June 2024

  • You’ve heard of, and probably even used, some of the most well-known platforms for agency work. But no tool is perfect – so you might decide to invest and build your own software.
  • “Five years ago, we developed our own platform to run our entire agency model,” says Chris Scott, chief digital officer at Revere Agency. “Everything from account management, quoting, invoicing, reporting, HR records and management, time tracking, task management, scheduling –  all of that is in there.”
  • Their own custom-made agency platform was so successful due to its flexibility to grow as Revere grows. If you’ve been considering creating your own agency platform and wondering how go about it, join us for this month’s technical mastermind, where Chris will delve into how his platform works – and the benefits it brings.

HR & PEOPLE MASTERMIND: How Can You Address Your Agency’s Culture Pain Points?

11am, Thursday 20th June 2024

  • “When it comes to culture and values in an agency, it’s like a red line that runs through the business, bringing both different generations on board and ensuring good performance.” This sounds great in theory – but in practice, there are all sorts of hurdles to creating the ‘perfect’ agency culture.
  • In this month’s HR & people mastermind, we’re joined by Jo Geraghty, co-founder and director at Culture Consultancy. Jo will be taking you through how you can address the most common culture pain points in your agencies – and how you can change your approach to make a real difference.
  • While culture can sometimes sound a little ‘fluffy’, it’s integral to bringing the whole team together and reaching the agency’s peak performance. Jo will be taking us through how to tackle your agency’s culture pain points, and how you can transform your agency’s approach to it full-stop.

MARKETING & NEW BIZ MASTERMIND: “B2B Doesn’t Have to Be Boring”

11am, Tuesday 25th June 2024

  • Over the years, B2B marketing has garnered a reputation for being a bit dull, uninspired and yawn-inducing. But recently, something in the air has changed…
  • “We used to create shit B2B content,’ says Dan Knowlton, co-founder and CMO of Knowlton. “But then we discovered this unique approach in 2017.”
  • Join us for this marketing and new biz mastermind, where Dan will guide us through how he and the team at Knowlton have left their mark on the B2B industry and have made it far less boring.