Sizzling Sessions and Sunsets: Agency Leaders Set to Ignite Ibiza with September Super Summit

8 months ago

Agency Hackers is hosting the summit of the summer in Ibiza, with agency leaders from all across Europe joining together for work and absolutely nothing else

As the summer fades in the UK it can be harder to find the motivation to work- especially if you have an agency to run.

However, Agency Hackers have come up with the perfect way to push back the autumn blues… by shipping 100 agency leaders off to Ibiza for a ‘work conference.’ The highly anticipated Ibiza Super Summit is the brainchild of Ian Harris, Agency Hackers own leader, and is taking place from September 26th to 28th.

With plans for this to become an annual event, the summit promises to blend a mix of insightful business sessions with relaxing and rejuvenating activities. The three day summit will host 100 leaders, offering them the opportunity to mingle with fellow business owners, learn from notable (and funny) speakers and indulge in a little bit of partying- after all, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’

Ian Harris from Agency Hackers came up with the idea of a Super Summit last year

Carrie Rose, known for her remarkable journey in setting up a £7m international agency, is among the key speakers. Joining her is comedian Rob Mayhew, who will bring a light-hearted and comedic perspective to agency life. And agency owners Dan and Lloyd Knowlton are also expected to share insights into the pivotal role of personality in enhancing an agency’s reach.

The event itinerary promises an engaging experience:

  • 26th September (Tuesday): Leaders arrive in Ibiza and are welcomed with cocktails at the luxurious Aguas de Ibiza hotel in Santa Eulalia.
  • 27th September (Wednesday): Day one kicks off with early morning wellness activities like sunrise yoga and guided hill walks. The conference begins at 9:30 am, with discussions centered around big ideas and goal-setting. Evening plans are open, with attendees free to explore Ibiza’s nightlife or relax at their own pace.
  • 28th September (Thursday): Day two follows a similar morning schedule, with the main conference focusing on implementation. The day’s highlight is a sunset boat party, complete with a DJ, saxophonist, swimming stops, and exquisite culinary delights.

Nine months ago I had an idea: what if we did a conference in Ibiza? Normally, ideas like this start and end in my head- but not this time

Ian Harris

Ian, who started the Ibiza Super Summit as just a thought on LinkedIn last year, said: “Nine months ago I had an idea- what is we did a conference in Ibiza? Normally ideas like this start and end in my head.

“But not this time. Last year I started using LinkedIn as a diary, just tossing out ideas and thoughts or interesting things I notice or am curious about. Anyway this Ibiza thing caught fire and now nearly 100 people are coming to Santa Eulalia”

This year Agency Hackers has decided to limit the amount of leaders going to the conference at 100, so there are only a small amount of tickets left up for grabs.

If you want to learn more or purchase one of the last tickets, you can go to the dedicated Ibiza section of the Agency Hackers website.

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