Agency Hackers Ibiza Super Summit Officially a Sell Out

8 months ago

“The best thing is, it’s something you can put through as a genuine expense. It’s a work conference, not a holiday!”

It’s bad news for any agency leaders looking to get a bit of lat minute sun this month- the Ibiza Super Summit is officially sold out!

The highly anticipated event, created and hosted by the Agency Hackers team, will be welcoming agency founders from across Europe to beautiful Ibiza at the end of September. And with an exciting blend of business insights and relaxing activities to let off steam, the event is set to be one for the books.

With special guest speakers such as comedian Rob Mayhew, Rise at Sevens Carrie Rose and Dan and Lloyd Knowlton from Knowlton Marketing, there are plenty of discussions to be had and networking to be done with like-minded leaders.

The Ibiza Super Summit started off as a ‘daft idea’ according to Ian Harris

Ian Harris, Agency Hackers founder said: “I remember I was sat there with a glass of wine last October, and I decided to float the idea on LinkedIn. Within about 5 minutes, people started leaving enthusiastic comments, and with that ball was rolling!

“Agency leaders deserve the chance to get away. Many of them have been through the mill over the last few years, and they deserve an excuse to escape with like-minded people, make new friends, and get their Mojo back.

“Best of all, it’s something you can put through your company as a genuine expense. It’s not a holiday, it’s a conference!”

They deserve an excuse to escape with like-minded people, make new friends, and get their Mojo back

Ian Harris

Now, if you’re one of the lucky ones to grab a pass, gear up for an unforgettable three days (from Tuesday 26 September to Thursday 28 September). Imagine soaking in some sun, sipping cocktails at the luxurious Aguas de Ibiza, attending power-packed sessions during the day, and dancing the night away. Sounds dreamy, right?

For those who missed out: keep those calendars marked and fingers crossed as Ian has confirmed he has his eyes set on this being a yearly event. He added: “We weren’t sure what the response to this would be. Would anyone want to come? We thought it would be a success of 30 people signed up. So to have 100 people now is fantastic.

“Long-term we see this as being a major event that will grow every year. We want it to be kind of like a Cannes of the Balearic. Something that people put in the calendar and don’t miss.”

So make sure to stay up to date with everything Agency Hackers and keep your eyes peeled for 2024 🍒

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