Agency Hackers Announce Full Line-Up for ‘The Robots Are Coming’

6 months ago

The highly anticipated event has released the full line-up of AI speakers

In 2024, Agencies and AI will be walking hand in hand – and Agency Hackers’ event ‘The Robots are Coming’ is set to be full of helpful tips from some of the UK’s most advanced AI players.

‘The Robots are Coming’ is taking place at The Royal Institution in London on Tuesday, 23 January, and is the perfect way to start the new year. Not only will the event put a step ahead of the rest in terms of AI, it will give you the opportunity to ask some of your burning questions to industry experts.

This event is set to be a major source of inspiration and learning with talks from seasoned pros and lots of chances to chat with other agency leaders.

There will be five rooms for guests to explore in the famous Royal Institution, with talks and demonstrations taking place in the Demonstration Room, the Georgian Room, the Lecture Theatre, the Writing Room and the Library.

Below is the list of speakers in full:

  • Heather Murray: Heather will tackle the challenge of making AI-generated content sound less robotic and more human. She emphasizes the importance of perplexity and burstiness in AI content, stating, “Perplexity and burstiness together generally are the reason why we can detect AI-generated content so easily, because it’s so low in the two. Whereas humans have high levels of both, meaning we’re a bit more creative and authentic.” Her session will include a live demonstration on training AI to emulate human-like communication​​.

Tim Cameron-Kitchen: As the founder of Exposure Ninja, Tim will delve into the profound impacts of AI on SEO, especially in light of Google’s introduction of the Generative Search Experience (SGE). He explains the significance of this development, saying, “SGE seeks to answer users’ questions directly in the search results page… This is profound for marketers because if you’ve got a business reliant on getting traffic from Google to your website, SGE potentially disrupts this.” His talk aims to provide insights into how agencies can adapt their online strategies to harness the potential of AI advancements like SGE​​.

  • Katy Powell: Sharing a more cautionary tale, Katy from Bottled Imagination will recount her agency’s experience with an AI assistant, highlighting the unpredictable nature of AI tools. Her talk, titled “We Hired an AI Assistant – Then Fired It For Lying,” promises to offer a light-hearted yet insightful look at the practical challenges of integrating AI into agency operations​​.

Tanveer Mohammed: The CTO of Niya, Tanveer, will focus on finding ‘quick win’ AI use cases for agencies. He advises looking at the everyday tasks for AI application opportunities, saying, “Your email inbox is essentially a list of tasks and processes that haven’t yet been automated.” His session will guide attendees on how to spot opportunities to save time and money by complementing human effort with AI assistance​​.

  • Justin Deaville: From Receptional, Justin will present a comprehensive view of the AI revolution in agencies, drawing from his company’s recent report. He stresses the necessity for agencies to fully embrace AI, noting, “It’s about turning potential into performance, and ensuring your agency doesn’t just ride the wave of AI evolution – but actively shapes it.” His session is expected to offer valuable insights and statistics on how AI is reshaping agency operations​​.

Antony Mayfield: The founder of Brilliant Noise, Antony will share his agency’s journey towards specialising in AI-powered marketing. He highlights the emotional and operational challenges of such a transition, underscoring the importance of team engagement and adaptation to new technologies​​.

  • Kate Ros: Kate and eight&four’s Creative Technologist Sam Glyn Davies will discuss the inception of their ‘creative technology’ team, and how the agency is creating their own AI-powered products to bring a whole new meaning to how they service their clients. 

Zoe Bevis and Ryan McKenna: At Robots, Zoe and Ryan will be telling us all about Revere’s ‘Lead On AI’ project – and will delve into how they’re using AI to run the agency more efficiently and explore new ways of servicing clients

  • Michael Dingle, Lau Miguez and Joe Kaul: This panel discussion will allow attendees to hear cases for AI and discover some new ways of implementing automation and AI technology into your agency’s day-to-day operations.

The day kicks off at 1.15 pm at The Royal Institution in London on January 23, and it’s packed with guest speakers, group chats, and some hands-on learning.

The Agency Hackers team is running the show and will be ensuring that everyone gets a chance to share and learn. There will be coffee and sweet treats served and time to network with likeminded people throughout the afternoon.

More information on this highly anticipated event can be found here – be sure to snap up tickets quickly, as they are in high demand following last years sell out event.

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