The Creative AI Conference

Friday 17th March 2023 – 1.30pm to 5pm
Techspace, Shoreditch

• Meet other agencies deploying generative AI
• See how tools like Midjourney and DALL-E are being used
• Discover new ideas to improve your copy and creative workflows

At this event, you’ll meet creative leaders from other agencies – and hear how they’re using generative AI tools for research, concepting, and even live client work

Artificial Intelligence: what was once science fiction is now firmly embedded in our culture. Just ask Alexa!

But is fear stopping agencies from embracing the creative freedom that generative AI could offer us?

When time is one of our most precious commodities, The Robots are Coming offers an insight into the agencies who are pioneering a new, creative approach which embraces the opportunities AI has to offer.

  • Hear from agencies who are already using automation to streamline their processes, and learn from the speed bumps they have encountered along the way.
  • Dispel the myths around AI, explore its limitations, and discover how agencies are freeing up their creatives by letting the machines do the heavy lifting.
  • And get an idea of the immeasurable scale that AI has to offer – levelling the playing field for agencies of all sizes.

Who you’ll hear from

Fighting the Fear: How to Embrace
the ‘Enemy’ of AI

Charli Hunt can feel the target on her back. “It’s scary as a copywriter, because you know that it’s coming for you.”

Rather than fight AI, Charli has decided to embrace it. What can you learn from her experience in an industry being disrupted by AI, before it starts to rattle your cage? Read the full story.

Human Curation: What’s Your Role When AI Art Overwhelms?

Having used AI to help launch a new music single, Your Majesty found it almost worked too well. They had loads of amazing visual assets, but the volume of materials was overwhelming.

Co-founder Kasper Kuijpers will illustrate how the creative process for agencies is changing, and why human curation will always be the key to AI success.
Read the full story.

AI Whisperers: Keeping Pace
with the Machines

Like many agency people, Matt Garbutt’s attitude to AI went from ‘meh’ to ‘must have’ in just a few weeks.

As AI’s rapid development continues, Matt thinks it’s the ‘AI whisperers’ – the people who can talk to the machines – that will be invaluable to agencies this year.
Read the full story.

Is There More to AI than ChatGPT?

“This is just the tip of the iceberg.”

ChatGPT may have opened the world’s eyes to the potential for AI, but for Vincent Sider, we’re simply scratching the surface.

Vincent will describes the ways that agencies can find the right AI solutions, learn what’s under the hood and, in time, how you can learn to trust it.
Read the full story.

Using AI to Differentiate Your Agency

B2B marketers Revere knew that they needed to be early adopters of AI to stand out. The team were enthusiastic and clients expected it.

But how could they be sure that they were adding value, rather than jumping on the latest trend?

Hear as the team at Revere reveal where AI has added value in one of their latest projects, and how they’re managing expectations with clients as it evolves. Read the full story.

The Unhinged Creative: Using AI for Ideas and Concepts

“It’s a kickstart, it’s a little jump, it’s a next step.”

What’s the best way to use AI to keep ideas flowing? Powerhouse Studios’ head of creative James Pierechod shares his adventure using Midjourney as a creative brain that never goes blank.

“AI is the creative in the room that will say anything, do anything, and it will always show you something. The canvas is never blank and you’ve got a little ball of content to work from.” Read the full story.

💬 These are the people we’re spotlighting so far. Like all our events, The Robots are Coming is heavily participatory – when you get a ticket, we’ll capture your questions and include you in the afternoon.

Meet agencies who are doing interesting things with AI

The Robots are Coming is an afternoon that will helps you get inspired, and meet other people you can learn from. It’s aimed at agency leaders and their creative teams – but anybody can come. It’s a blend of interactive talks and group discussion.

  • We dot you around the venue so you can interact – and we mix up the groups so you meet different people.
  • We poll you before the event to see what you want to talk about.
  • We make sure all the talks are original and interesting. We facilitate questions and reflections throughout.

The Robots Are Coming – FAQs 🤖

Q: What actually happens on the day?

We start the event at 1.30pm, so try to arrive by 1.20pm.

The afternoon’s format is pretty simple: you will spend some time hearing from guests with interesting stories that you can learn from, and you will also spend some time in small groups discussing your journey with like-minded agency leaders.

The event is hosted by an Agency Hackers facilitator who makes sure that everybody with something interesting to say gets heard. (We poll attendees before the event, so we know who to ‘pick on’ on the day.)

We will serve tea, coffee and sweet things to keep you going, but please eat a sandwich before you arrive. The schedule doesn’t leave us time to serve lunch, unfortunately.

Q: Who will I hear from? Who are the speakers?


The people you’ll hear from are all agency leaders with interesting stories to tell about using AI in their creative workflow.

We also decide who to spotlight based on the information we capture in the weeks before. (Look out for our emails!)

We will publish the line-up a few weeks before, but mostly we hope that you will trust us to select interesting folk from our audience. We find that the people who choose to attend our events are overwhelmingly on fascinating journeys that will resonate with you.

Also, the ‘talks’ aren’t really linear presentations. They’re more like structured case studies, with lots of questions and reflections from the audience.

You could potentially call them ‘fireside chats’, but these are not rambling cosy conversations. They are planned and structured . We put a lot of work into researching our guests, out of respect for your time.

Q: Who can attend?

This event is for anybody in your agency who cares about AI and creative – that includes copy, images and video.

The event is mostly pitched at agency founders and their creative teams, but anybody can attend if you think it looks up your street.