Thur 7 Sept 2023 11:00am UK time

“We’ve been through a huge amount of people in the last few years – every remote employee we had has now left.”
Staff churn is a constant headache for agencies. But right now, it seems more formidable than ever.
Come along to discuss your strategies for recruitment and retention with the rest of our agency community – or vent your woes in a room that understands.

No matter when or whom you ask, recruitment and retention are always a headache for agencies. But at the moment, it’s more like a migraine that won’t cease. 

“We’re finding it incredibly difficult to find talented people that have not overpriced themselves,” shared one agency leader. “Either we’re out of touch with the market, or it’s a bubble that’s about to pop.” 

“I feel like some companies are going to really struggle down the line with the monthly salaries that they’ve got to cover – and they may not be getting the value out of that.”

Unfortunately, we’re not just seeing one case of this, but many.

  • “We’ve been through a huge amount of people in the last three years that haven’t worked out.”
  • “Twice in the last 18 months, we’ve hired people only for someone else to resign before they’ve been onboarded.”
  • “Everybody we hired that was remote has left. One person down in Cornwall was supposed to come in every six weeks, and we gave them a 10% pay rise to help with that. I worked out for the additional pay we gave them, I could have made the exact same number of trips down to Cornwall on a private helicopter.”

Are you experiencing the same? Or have you got staff churn all sussed out?

Wherever you sit, come along to this month’s State Of The Nation session, where we’ll be tapping into our agency network to discuss the turbulent talent landscape and strategies for managing staff churn.

As always, this session relies heavily on audience participation. So please be prepared to be picked on!