The Agency Purpose Conference

Thursday 2nd November, 9:30am-5pm
Kings Place, London

Archimedes said: “Give me a lever and a place to stand, and I will move the world”.

When you run an agency, that lever is your business.

The Good Agencies Summit is back for another year, and is a special event for agencies interested in using their business to positively influence the world.

Join thoughtful conversations covering sustainability, diversity and inclusion, agency purpose, pro-bono work, the B-Corp process and more.

Meet other agencies balancing
purpose with profit

Here’s what’s in store…

What’s It Like AFTER Getting
B Corp Certified?

There has been a LOT of talk about the B Corp process and how to get certified.

The consensus? It’s a bit of a slog…

But at this year’s Good Agencies Summit, we’re exploring what happens after you’ve secured your big shiny ‘B’ badge.

“It’s the most amazing business tool as it covers everything,” says Helen Foord, CEO of ELE. “There isn’t a month goes by when I’m not checking our impact assessment – it’s become part of my management dashboard, in the same way as my P&L sheet.”

👉 Helen will be joined by other B Corp-certified founders to share what they’ve learned over the last few years, and the impact the certification has had on their businesses.

How Can You Maximise Your Agency’s Impact Through Partnerships?

When an agency sets out to achieve purpose in the world, it can be difficult to know where to start – or how to make the impact you really want.

For some agencies, the answer is in leveraging purposeful partnerships to ensure they’re maximising the impact they’re making – while balancing commercial incentives too.

👉 We’ll be hearing from three agency leaders who are partnering externally to improve everything from D&I and neurodiversity, to sustainability and digital poverty.

What Alternatives Are Out There If You Don’t Want To Choose The B-Corp Route?

“There seem to be a couple of different camps. There are people who really like to personally give a shit about things – that’s the camp I’m in. And there are other people for whom, business-wise, B Corp is just something they need to be and should be doing,” says Katie Parry, director of Supercool.

It seems as though every agency in the country has gone for B Corp status over the past year or two. But is it the only option you have to show you’re a good business?

It’s a classic question: If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Do you even have to prove you’re doing good, to be good?

👉 There are all sorts of ways agencies can do better for their people, for the planet, and for their purpose – and this session at the Good Agencies Summit will explore all the other options besides Plan B (Corp).

What is Your Agency’s Reason for Existing – Beyond Making Money? 

“If you look at the scale of flooding everywhere, and the communities across the planet that are losing homes and livelihoods – is it real that my children will be able to live a happy, fulfilling life on this planet?” says Maddy Cooper, founder of sustainability specialist marketing agency Flourish.

Ever since she had children, environmental sustainability has been at the forefront of Maddy’s mind. It impacts every decision she makes. And now, it’s led her to create a free tool kit for agencies who also want to join the fight for the planet. 

It’s called ‘Marketing Declares’ and it’s essentially a cost-free guide for agencies to help them become more ethical and sustainable.

👉 For our keynote, Maddy will be taking you through how to use the ‘Marketing Declares’ guide to make your agency more sustainable, whilst still maintaining a profit. [Read more]

What is the Key to a Happy Team?

Jaye Cowle is the CEO of Launch – known as the ‘happy performance agency’.

Why the tagline? Jaye has set out from the very beginning to use her business to make others happy, whether that’s through great leadership, or top-notch paid media.

But around 18 months ago, Jaye decided to take her team’s wellbeing to the next level. She came across Dan Pink’s autonomy mastery and purpose theory, and it transformed her perspective of happiness in the workplace.

👉 In this session, Jaye will be taking us through how she keeps her team happy and motivated with a simple change of outlook – as well as how you can track and improve what she defines as the ‘happiness metrics’ of your agency. [Read more]

More panels…

How Do You Build An Agency That Is Accessible
To Everyone?

There’s no doubt that agencies lead the way when it comes to progressive workplace environments. But when it comes to being inclusive of disabled talent, there’s still a long way to go. 

The neurodiversity discourse is new to the table, but there are a plethora of other disabilities, both visible and invisible, that are still not catered for – leaving a whole pool of talent completely untouched. Could you be missing out because of your unconscious bias?

👉 In this session, our panellists will be taking us through some of the ‘dos and don’ts’ that agencies should abide by when it comes to accessibility and disabled inclusivity – and dissecting their own experiences of discrimination to give you an understanding of the hidden pressures that disabled candidates often face. [Read more]

Should You Be Taking On Pro-Bono Client Work
In Your Agency?

“Agencies arguably should be doing pro-bono work… it’s no different to volunteering, and leveraging your craft is way more valuable than litter picking
or planting saplings.”

Pro-bono work seems like a no-brainer for most agencies at the start of their purpose journey – especially those who want to give back but don’t know where to start. 

But do the risks outweigh the rewards?

👉 In this breakout session, we’ll be posing the question: is pro-bono work worth the hassle? Come along to share your own two pence, and hear from agency leaders who have tried and tested this tactic – with varying results. [Read more]

How Can Agencies Foster An Inclusive Culture That Feels Authentic?

What strides are you making to improve diversity and inclusion in your agency?

When it comes to making a conscious effort on the D&I front, the job never ends. Most agency leaders understand that – but are unsure where on earth to begin with this kind of stuff. And, more importantly, how to do it authentically. 

“It’s not your fault that these systemic issues are here, but you can be part of the solution. And we need you as leaders to drive positive change.”

👉 In this breakout session, we’ll be asking our panellists about how agencies can create an environment where diversity truly thrives – without the virtue-signalling and double standards – and how this mindset can begin to trickle into your creative projects. [Read more]

Are You Missing Out on Talent Because of Unconscious Bias?

“We’re all biassed. We all are more naturally drawn to people who are like ourselves. But that can impact your marketing, your profit, and your people,” says Mo Kanjilal.

Mo is the founder of inclusion consultancy Watch This Sp_ce. She dedicates her time to helping businesses understand why inclusion matters and how to build a culture where diversity thrives.

👉 In this workshop session, you’ll be uncovering your own ‘unconscious’ biases. Mo will help you understand how these biases can affect your business and why it’s important to acknowledge them, with some practical tips on what to do next. [Read more]

How Do You Cope with Stressful Agency Life? 

It doesn’t take a genius to say working in an agency can be stressful.

Tight deadlines, tight budgets, unrealistic client expectations, office politics, Christmas campaigns in July. For most, this is just accepted as part of the deal.

But are we as humans really equipped to manage such relentless levels of stress?

👉 Steph Hill will be hosting our very first stress management workshop. She’ll be combining science and meditation to help you understand how stress manifests in YOU, and will deliver practical tips and advice on how to reduce the impact it has on your body and your mind. [Read more]

Last but not least…

How Do You Balance Purpose and Profitability?

In an ideal world, it would be easy to prioritise your agency’s purpose. 

There’d be no obstacles, wages would pay themselves, and you’d have the stability to turn down clients who aren’t a good fit.

Unfortunately, 2023 has thrown more problems at independent businesses than we ever could have imagined. So how can you keep true to your values and still maintain a profit?

👉 In this session, Maddy Cooper, founder of Flourish, and Nick Kuh, Director at Asquared, will be sharing the tough decisions they’ve had to make to keep their agency purpose as a top priority – whilst making sure the business is still making money. [Read more]

How Can You Reduce Your Digital Footprint?

We’ve been talking about digital sustainability for a long time – but is your agency doing enough to make a difference digitally?

“It all trickles down to the way we consume digital,” says Rich Brassett, founder of Long Live King. We stream tonnes of stuff every day, we have video calls all the time, emails are constantly going back and forth – at least 10% of that isn’t necessary.”

This session will spotlight three agency leaders leading the charge on this front – from websites and client work, to video production and sustainable working practices on digital campaigns.

👉 We’ll also be talking about how the sustainability landscape has changed over the years, and what agencies can do to tackle digital – including the rise of AI and its potential effects. [Read more]

How Transparent Should You Be?

More and more agencies are beginning to bear all – from open salary bands to sharing data and slack channels with clients.

Leaders quote all sorts of benefits, from building trust with clients, team accountability, and your agency’s credibility, to ensuring everyone is on the same page.

“We’ve even had candidates join us and take a slight pay cut on the basis that we’re so upfront and fair,” says Zoë Ogden, people director at Impression Digital.

But where is the line? Is there such a thing as being too transparent?

👉 We’ll be speaking to several agency panellists about how they champion transparency in their businesses, the impact it makes on teams and new biz – as well as the parameters they draw to make sure it doesn’t cause problems. [Read more]

What can I expect from the Good Agencies Summit?

The purpose of the conference is to give you the chance to meet other agencies and share how you’re making your agency a better place.

  • We kick off at 9:30am with some talks on the main stage – but then we split off into breakouts around the venue.
  • This is not a conference where you just sit in a big room listening to people talk on the stage. There’s some of that, but for most of the day you get to explore the venue and visit different rooms – meeting new people and engaging with the topics that matter to you.
  • The day is built around you learning from others and sharing your experience with fellow agency leaders. You will play a full part in the day – listening to others, and being listened to yourself.

The Good Agencies Awards

🔔 Limited offer: your conference ticket includes one free awards entry 🔔

The conference also plays host to the Good Agencies Awards. And for a limited time, your Good Agencies Summit ticket includes one entry to the awards.

The Good Agencies Awards recognise agencies that using their platform to positively influence their people, their clients or the planet.

By capturing and sharing their stories with the world, we hope other businesses will follow in their footsteps.

With three categories, we’re hoping to shine a spotlight on how agencies are making the world a better place.

Find out more about the Good Agencies awards.

Who will I meet?

At Good Agencies Summit you’ll meet around 200 guests from different agencies.

The type of agency is really varied (SEO, branding, digital product, PR… the list goes on) but one thing that unites everybody in the Agency Hackers community is a willingness to explore different experiences and opinions, and a keenness to share their story with other people.

Our partners

Good Agencies Summit is grateful to our partners for their support

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Good Agencies Summit – FAQs 💬

Q: What actually happens on the day?

We start the event at 9.30 am, so try to arrive by 9.15 am.

We expect to post the event’s line-up towards the end of August. The day’s format is pretty simple though: you will spend some time in the morning hearing from guests with interesting stories that you can learn from, and you will also spend some time in small groups discussing your journey with like-minded agency leaders.

Each breakout is hosted by an Agency Hackers facilitator who makes sure that everybody with something interesting to say gets heard. (We poll attendees before the event, so we know who to ‘pick on’ on the day.)

Q: Who will I hear from? Who are the speakers?

The people you’ll hear from all have interesting stories about their agency purpose journey.

We also decide who to spotlight based on the information we capture in the weeks before. (Look out for our emails!)

We will publish the line-up a few weeks before, but mostly we hope that you will trust us to select interesting folk from our audience. We find that the people who choose to attend our events are overwhelmingly on fascinating journeys that will resonate with you.

Q: Who can attend?

This event is for anybody in your agency who cares about running a better and more purposeful agency.

That might be the founder or owner, it might be a client services director, or it might be somebody else.

Join us at Kings Place in London for the Good Agencies Summit