Purpose can be hard to prioritise. But for Heather Murray, director of Beesting Digital, it’s a no brainer – and clients love it too.

In this session, Heather shares why she set up her agency as a vessel to contribute something more meaningful to the world, and how her purpose-driven work has helped the business double in size each year.

Come along to hear how purposeful side projects can win you your dream clients – and attract great young talent too.

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Every agency wants to grow, but when it comes to new biz, do you have the right strategy in place for your agency’s future goals?

Anna Stone, global new business director at Ogilvy is joining us to help you figure out, or untangle, your agency’s growth mindset, and how you can realign your strategies with your agency’s long-term goals.

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There can often be a reluctance to partner with other agencies, but being collaborative is more than just sharing leads – you can share knowledge, advise on business strategy, and even put on networking events to find new partners.

In this session, the team at Footprint Digital will take us through how they use their agency partnership network to generate new business and retain new clients – and how you can make it work for you too.

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As agencies have started to embrace AI, there’s been a shift in thinking – and while it might not take our jobs overnight, it’s the AI whisperers, people who can truly grasp and harness it, that will be in demand.

“AI is an augmentation of us, but I don’t think it replaces us,” says Matt Garbutt, creative director at Brave Bison. “However, if we’re not open-minded and work with it, we will very quickly become obsolete.”

Join Matt as we discuss how to find the right people to drive the AI vehicle in your agency, and what recruiting for those skills could – and already does – look like.

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Picture this: you’re doing some great work with a small, established client. But then, their competitor approaches you.

How do you respond? Have you had to answer this ‘moral dilemma’ before? And can you make it work to your advantage?

We’ll be discussing this in more detail in this month’s CEO Summit. And don’t worry, this session isn’t uploaded to the members’ area – so you can be as candid as you like.


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At this month’s client services mastermind, we’re asking: how do you manage international client relationships?

How can you strengthen relationships with overseas clients without meeting in person? How does each continent differ in how they do business? And how do you approach an international client when you’ve never done business outside of the UK before?

Come along to discuss all this and more, and get advice from others on this topic. If you’re clued up on this already, please lend your expertise!

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You’re always out to impress when you’re pitching for new biz. But do you share too much in that process?

How do you tread that line? How can you protect your proposals and creative process from being poached?

If this has happened to you, or you’re struggling to figure this out, come along and discuss it with like-minded folks in this open session.

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In this month’s HR and people mastermind, we’ll be talking about how to manage Gen Z team members.

How is Gen Z different from other generations? How are they similar? And how can you get them to develop the same work ethic you have?

Come along to share tips, vent your frustrations, and find out from your peers how you can better support your younger team members.

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While freelancing for NCompass, Samantha Stormo could see that the manual processes in the agency desperately needed improvement.

After a year of finetuning and implementing Scoro, Samantha has discovered a wealth of benefits for the entire agency.

“Instead of imagining what profitability looks like, we can actually make adjustments on the fly. Now is when it gets really exciting because we can use the insights and data from Scoro to start to make some more informed choices and play around with things,” she explains.

Hear more from Samantha on how Scoro has helped NCompass improve operations for the benefit of the agency as a whole.

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