Simon Rhind Tutt, co-founder of Relationship Audits, has spent the last two decades helping clients develop strategic commercial relationships, so he knows exactly what makes them tick.

He says that clients’ expectations of their agency partners are changing. Keeping them ‘satisfied’ just isn’t enough anymore.

In this session, Simon will be drawing on his 25 years of experience to share exactly how he thinks clients’ needs are changing and how you can keep them committed.

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To get your clients on billboards or on TV, you assume it’d break the bank. But have you ever considered programmatic marketing?

“You no longer need half a million dollars to be on a television screen,” explains Tyler Barnet, client services director at Grapeseed Media. “In the past, to reach top publishers on connected TV, digital audio, and 98% of websites and apps, agencies would have to meet unaffordable minimum budget requirements and consolidate their budget into one share of voice.”

“However, now agencies can use programmatic marketing to reach their target audience without having to reach these minimum levels.”

Imagine being able to tell a client you can get them on bus shelters on busy London high streets, or featured during a Channel 4 ad break – without it wiping out your budget, controlling who sees it, or tracking results.

Tyler will be talking you through just what programmatic marketing is, and how it could leverage the work you do for current and future clients.

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At this month’s HR & people mastermind, we’re talking about managing team conflict.

How do you deal with internal arguments? Do you have a process for it? What do you do when someone isn’t very good at taking criticism?

Make sure to join this month’s session to discuss all this and more, and help others in need of some advice.

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In this month’s operations mastermind, we’re talking to Joe Daniels about productising your agency’s services.

How has it made client work more efficient? And how has it affected time spent on projects?

Come along and discuss with Joe and others who have been there and done that.

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“EOS is fantastic for getting you in order, and you could really run it well for two, three, four years. But at some point, you need something more strategic to help you govern your decision making,” says Glen Duncan, Glen Duncan, operations director at 383 Project

Over the last few years, 383 Project has evolved into three businesses, so leadership began looking towards a group structure. Naturally, this changed the internal dynamics of the agency, meaning the popular Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) just wasn’t as relevant as before.

In this session, Glen will be talking us through why he believes his agency has outgrown the Entrepreneurial Operating System, and how he plans to grow the business without it.

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In this month’s CFO Surgery, we’re talking to Pam Phillips, founder and MD of accountancy firm de Jong Phillips, about the worst finance mistakes your agency can make.

She’ll be sharing some of the worst things she’s seen in her 20+ years of handling agency accounts – and the things you should try and avoid yourself.

Come along to hear Pam’s horror stories of horrendous agency finances, and get your questions answered by the expert.

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In this month’s marketing and new biz mastermind, we’re talking about how to navigate the tender application process.

What does the tender process look like? What should always be included in your bid? And how do you win?

Come along to hear how to tackle this challenge from those who have been there and done it, and pose your questions to the group.

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There are several hoops to jump through when you’re going through the M&A process – and making sure your agency is ready for investment is half the job.

While this may sound like a big mountain to climb, Milestone Advisory is currently developing a tool to make this easier for agencies to follow and deliver on – a bit like a B Corp application.

Making sure your agency is as investor ready as possible not only gets the agency into tip-top condition – but could also dramatically improve your multiple.

Come along to this month’s M&A Surgery and find out from Milestone’s Miles Welch and Simon Latarche exactly how you can make your business as ready for sale as possible – and be sure to bring your questions!

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At this month’s Marketing Mastermind, we’re talking about reviving dead clients.

How do you figure out which leads are worth reviving? Could this help you identify where you’re going wrong in your sales process?

Come along to discuss all this and more – and get advice from others in your position. If you’re clued up on this already, please lend your expertise!

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