In this month’s CEO Summit, we’re discussing whether you’re hiring the right people.

As an agency leader, it’s important to build and maintain a good team, something that has been particularly difficult post-Covid. But rushing to recruit could lead to a number of problems, like red flags being missed, hiring criteria not being up to scratch, and – most importantly – hiring the wrong people.

We’ll be discussing all this and more. Bring along your pains and problems and get advice from others in your shoes.

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Roland Gurney offers agency leaders a ‘teardown’ service.

He goes through their agency’s website page by page, and tries to understand what they’re about. He then tells them candidly exactly what it is they’re getting completely wrong when it comes to their positioning.

Roland will be taking you through all the things he’s noticed as part of his ‘teardown’ service, and what you should be avoiding if you really want to nail your positioning.

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At this month’s Client Services Mastermind, we’re talking about Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

  • Have you migrated to GA4 yet?
  • What’s new and how does it all work?
  • What issues (if any) have you experienced with GA4?

Come along to discuss all things Google Analytics and get advice from others on this topic. If you’re clued up on this already, please lend your expertise!

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As budgets are being squeezed, why not use this time to better understand the staff you’ve already got?

Léon Milns, co-founder and director of digital recruitment agency We Are Adam, reckons right now is the time to focus on retaining your very best people, making sure they’re motivated and engaged with their work.

Come along to hear Léon dive into today’s recruitment must-haves, and learn how you can further nurture the talent you’ve already found.

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At this month’s HR & People Mastermind, we’re talking about team wellbeing.

  • How are you managing an influx of negative news?
  • Do you have wellbeing processes in place for YOUR role as HR?
  • Does your CEO really know what’s going on with their employees?

We’ll discuss how to manage an influx of negative news, and how to make your boss really understand what’s going on with their employees.

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Marketing for your own business isn’t always prioritised as highly as it should be.

But could this lead to you missing out on opportunities that could otherwise grow your agency? One way to avoid falling into this trap is to treat your own agency as if it’s a client.

We’ll be having a candid discussion about how you might be failing your brand, and what processes you can build into your agency to make sure internal work stops being neglected.

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At this month’s Operations Mastermind, we’re talking about tools that make your job easier.

This month, we’re talking about team accountability.

  • Does your team have an accountability problem?
  • Do they own up to their mistakes? 
  • Does everyone know what they (and everyone else) are responsible for?
  • How can you create a culture that encourages this behaviour? What changes need to be made from the top?

Come along to discuss all this and more – and get advice from others in your position.



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In the past two years or so, Louise Towler, managing director of Indigo Tree, has been able to propel her agency into new pastures by taking advantage of local grants and enterprise schemes.

“In the last 12 months, we’ve had about £60k’s worth of business from clients, just from me passing on information about grants they could apply for.”

Come along to hear Louise dive deep into the grants she’s obtained for her agency, how she won them, and the impact it’s had on her business. As always, don’t forget to bring along some questions!

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At this month’s CFO Surgery, we’re talking about forecasting.

How does YOUR agency balance demand and resource? What tools do you use to do this?

We’ll be taking a ‘show and tell’ approach to this session, so come along to share your thoughts and experiences, and hear how others in your shoes are managing the same challenges.

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