Weds 15 Nov 2023 4:00pm UK time

Many seasoned marketers have been told their whole career that granular control over campaigns is paramount. But with the swift movement of AI and automation, that’s just not the case anymore. 

Now, many are scrambling to understand how to implement it into their processes. 

“Some marketers feel very comfortable offloading all of their budgets and responsibilities over to AI – almost too comfortable, we’d say,” says Jennifer Kattar, director of branding at Realtime. “But a computer understanding your end goal and a human understanding your end goal are two very different things.”

“You still need intellect from a strategic marketer to figure out how to use AI and automation as a tool in your overall strategy, not as a magic silver bullet. At the same time, if your team isn’t utilising automation in your campaigns, you will be outrun by your competition. So there’s a balance marketers should be striving to hit here.”

So how do you find the things that computers can do best? And how do you balance that with what your marketers bring to the table?

One thing that is stumping a lot of marketing clients in particular is PMAX.

“Some clients are having some trouble understanding the levers that they can pull, since you’re essentially now giving over your budget to Google and allowing it to build your strategy,” Jen says. “And that feeling seems to be resonating a lot with marketers across all channels.”

It feels counterintuitive to a lot of marketers. But at the same, they know that if they don’t invest time in it now, they may get swept up with the tide. 

So, in this PPC Leaders session, we’ll be asking the following questions:

  • To what extent should you be leaning on PMAX?
  • How can you integrate PMAX into your wider marketing strategy?
  • How can you influence PMAX to get the most out of it?
  • How can you continue to add value as human beings alongside PMAX?

“These conversations are ongoing across all of our clients constantly,” says associate director Jack Tungate.

Jack will be taking us through some of the burning questions they’ve received from clients around how to best utilise PMAX, as well as the best practices when it comes to using PMAX for creative, product feed management, measurement and conversion tracking.

If you’re struggling to figure out how to make PMAX work for your agency or clients, come along to this deep-dive discussion to pick up some tips.