Thurs 30 Mar 2023 4:00pm UK time

Making your name in a particular sector can be a daunting task.
But for Astra Newton at Web Presence, productising her team’s PPC services helped do just that in the charity space, earning their clients over £1m in free funding.
In this session, Astra will be telling us how this agile approach brought renewed growth to her agency.

Astra was keen to offer something to the charity sector her competitors couldn’t

Astra Newton was keen to offer something to the charity sector that her agency’s competitors couldn’t – by productising their PPC offering.

“We had low staff utilisation and wanted to shift to a more agile approach, so we decided to productise and process some of our services – and we realised the charity sector would be the best fit,” explains Astra, head of advertising at Web Presence.

“It added value for our clients, it was easy to market, relatively quick to sell, and had predictable deliveries. We were also really proud of the work we’d previously done with a charity, and we knew it would make fulfilling work for the team.”

Over nine months, Astra and her team created a dedicated set of packages for charities that answer typical sector pain points – such as lack of transparency and expensive campaigns without results.

Their ‘Far’, ‘Further’, and ‘Furthest’ packages offer increasing numbers of ads and levels of communication with Web Presence at higher price points, focusing on:

  • Unlocking free funding through Google Ad Grants.
  • Promoting a charity and their services through PPC campaigns.
  • Targeting potential new hires via ads.

They’ve since won over £1m in free funding for charities with this approach, aiming to hit £2m by the end of April this year.

They’ve also drummed up a further 115 leads via this route, improving the agency’s culture and efficiency, and boosting team morale along the way.

Come along to hear more from Astra on how productisation brought renewed growth to Web Presence and what it means for the agency moving forward.