Weds 16 Nov 2:00pm UK time

• For some, niching down makes no sense, seeing it as a way of cutting yourself off from other opportunities…
• …for others, it’s the perfect way to target a specific market and create a clear marketing strategy to boot.
We’ll be talking to Joe Perkins, MD of Chaptr, to find out what he’s doing to become the ‘obvious choice’ within his agency’s chosen niche.

Joe decided to niche his agency’s target market in order to become ‘the obvious choice’ within the creative arts and culture sector

Joe Perkins decided to niche his agency during the pandemic.

“It was a bold thing to do, but it felt like we needed to,” he explains. “We needed a really strong proposition and to cut through the noise, and building a general agency wasn’t going to be enough.”

Joe decided to focus solely on the creative arts and culture sector, and part of his strategy has been to build a community within that space.

“It’s been a rewarding thing to do, in that you can quite easily create a marketing strategy when you’ve got a clear target audience,” says Joe. “What if you can build a community and also serve it? I’m focusing on content and creating relationships with the people that could eventually become our clients.”

By niching in this way, it has meant that while Chaptr is working to become the ‘obvious choice’ within this market, they haven’t had to turn away work from other avenues.

“We’ve just made it easier to win the kind of work we actually want to do.”

Come along and hear more about how Joe has found and honed his agency’s niche, and why it’s something you should consider for your agency too.