• What’s working in new business?

• How is your pipeline?

• Join fellow marketing & new biz folk to share ideas and get help

Wed 23 Feb 2022 2:00 pm UK Time
Join fellow marketing and new business folk in our regular mastermind get-together

You’re invited to our monthly mastermind for marketing and new business people.

Every month, the marketing minds of the Agency Hackers audience come together to discuss what’s going on in their world.

This is your chance to check in and see what everyone’s up to. You can ask questions, seek support, and share wisdom with others in your position.

This month, we’ll be discussing new business leads. 

  • Where do you find your new biz leads? 
  • Is your current strategy the most efficient one? Could another avenue be better?
  • How does brand personality come into play when generating new business?

This session will be a great opportunity to discuss how others are managing the stress of finding new business, and how remote working has affected the way people approach it.