Tues Nov 21 2023 11:00am UK time

Have you been wondering if Account-Based Marketing is worth adding to your new business strategy?

But how does it work? Is it the right fit for your agency?

Agency veteran Jo White led the teams at Really B2B who won ‘Best Use of ABM’ at the B2B Marketing awards two years in a row. She says a lot of agencies reject ABM as being too high-stakes.

“A lot of agencies find that ABM puts too many eggs in one basket,” says Jo. “When you’re chasing five to ten targets, the minimum order value you need for true one-to-one ABM to stack up is pretty hefty.”

To mitigate this risk, Jo discusses ‘ABM light’ – essentially a ‘one-to-few’ approach. You still tailor your efforts, but but cover a slightly larger, segmented group of prospects.

In this session, Jo will shed light on the different facets of ABM, including the ‘true one-to-one’ approach and a lighter ‘one-to-few’ strategy.

  • What content and channels work for ABM? We’ll look at ways to craft bespoke content, and talk about the overall engagement strategy – for example, strategically and genuinely engage with targets over platforms like LinkedIn.
  • We’ll cut through the complexity. Spoiler-alert: it’s all about research. “You have to be really, really thorough on your research in order to validate that you have viable prospects that are worth the investment.”
  • We’ll also deliver a healthy dose of expectation management. ABM is not a quick win and requires a long-term approach. 

Join us for a deeper understanding of ABM marketing, and meet other agencies considering pulling up their dragnets and switching to spearfishing instead.