• How are you using LinkedIn?
• What ‘content strategy’ are you using to get in front of your audience?
• Discuss and compare with other agency folk

Thu 28 Apr 2022 11:00 am UK Time
Agency Hackers conference
Join us to compare and contrast different approaches to using LinkedIn as an agency leader

How is LinkedIn working for you?

Each month, we get together to discuss what does and doesn’t work in our LinkedIn mastermind. 

It’s a chance to share your social media struggles and successes – and get the low down on how to grow your brand. 

This month, we’ll be discussing ‘To Be or Not To Be Opinionated’.

  • How opinionated should we be on LinkedIn?
  • Is there ever a place for politics on the site?
  • If we cater to one audience, do we risk alienating another?

Come along to pick up some tips, and maybe even learn something new.