• Join our monthly hangout for agency HR professionals and people directors

• What’s happening in attracting and retaining your agency’s talent?

• Bring your questions or share your knowledge

Thu 11 Aug 2022 2:00 pm UK Time
Meet other friendly agency HR and people directors – get help and talk about your role

You’re invited to our monthly mastermind for agency HR leaders and people directors.

Each month, the HR managers and ‘people’ people of our Agency Hackers audience come together to discuss what’s going on in their world.

This month, we’re talking about Resignations.

  • How do you handle unexpected resignations? And how do you avoid a ‘domino’ effect of staff exits?
  • How can you persuade staff to stay when they’ve been poached by another agency?
  • How can you ensure your agency is always protected when someone leaves?

Make sure to join this month’s session to discuss all this and more, and help others in need of some advice. This is also a great place to have a little vent in a room where everyone understands – we all need it once in a while.