Thurs 10 Nov 2:00pm UK time

Join your fellow ‘people’ people to see what’s happening across the board

Each month, the HR managers and ‘people’ people of our Agency Hackers audience come together to discuss what’s going on in their world.

This month, we’re talking about keeping staff engaged.

A new phenomenon called ‘quiet quitting’ was doing the rounds on LinkedIn earlier this year. It basically means only doing the tasks you’re paid to do and nothing else. 

To some, it’s not a problem. You clock in, do your day’s work, and clock out. However, for agencies, it could mean your team isn’t engaged with, or invested in, the work they’re doing, which could further impact morale and your agency’s wider culture. 

So we reckon it’s worth talking about. 

We’ll be using this time to cover the following:

  • How can you keep staff engaged in their work and your agency as a whole?
  • What kinds of things lead to “quiet quitting”?
  • How can you encourage camaraderie in a hybrid world?

Make sure to join this month’s session to discuss all this and more, and help others in need of some advice.