Weds 30 Nov 11:00am UK time

• Emma Simkiss could see clearly that her agency, Freestyle, was in need of a rebrand.
• She set to work figuring out how to future proof the agency and bring its visual identity in line with its value proposition.
Emma will be sharing her rebrand process with us, and explain how it has helped Freestyle to shoot for the stars in the digital sector.

Emma had a clear vision for what and who Freestyle should be aiming for in its rebrand

“For me, it was really obvious that how we talked about ourselves wasn’t properly aligned with our proposition, which was changing to a more consultancy-led approach,” explains Emma Simkiss, MD of Freestyle.

“It didn’t feel sophisticated or grown up enough to talk to the kinds of clients we wanted to be going after, and we realised quite quickly that it was a much bigger piece of work beyond just redesigning our website.”

Emma worked for several months with her team to hash out exactly what a rebranded Freestyle could and should look like.

Now, with a shiny new look and proposition, Emma is confident in their future.

“It’s been an evolution. It had got to the point where it was ready to bring our brand in line with our vision for the business. We’re now looking at winning much higher pieces of strategic work, projects that take clients with us on a journey all the way from the thinking phase through to design and delivery,” she says.

“We didn’t expect it to be an overnight success and suddenly have all these new opportunities on our doorstep, but I think what is has done is give us all collectively more confidence to reach out and talk to a higher level and different calibre of clients.”

Emma will be taking us on a candid tour of her agency’s rebrand journey – and who knows? It might even inspire you to do a spring clean of your agency’s proposition too.