Fri 10 Dec 2021 10:00 am UK Time
Headshots; Bold Clarity; Renata Boruch; Belle Imaging Photography; Portrait Photographer; London

In our very first session on EOS with Julia Langkraehr, we covered Vision. Now we’ve reached our final session, the Traction component is taking centre stage.

And in the EOS model, the two work together.

“We want to bring your vision down to the ground to execute it effectively day in, day out,” says Julia.

One of the tools to achieve this is Rocks – priorities you must accomplish as an agency within the next 90 days. These targets are usually set during quarterly planning sessions.

“These are the things which will move the business on,” explains Julia. “If we just do business as usual, staying where we are, we don’t grow.”

Other things to help improve your execution include introducing a meeting pulse, with regular weekly meetings, known as Level 10s – we’ll be talking about these in more detail in the session.

“You don’t want your teams on top of each other. You want them to be linked together, while avoiding everybody sitting in meetings three days a week, with only two days left to do their jobs,” says Julia. “We want to actually be productive.”

We’ll be talking about how to avoid making your Rocks overly complicated, and how best to implement this Traction component in order for your agency to thrive and focus.