Tues 29 Nov 2:00pm UK time

• There are several reasons for hiring an SLT, whether it’s to have a more formal structure from the top-down, or perhaps even within your succession plan.
• But how do you get the people in these roles to really step up and succeed when it comes to actual leadership?
Sally Henderson will be talking you through exactly how to do this, and why investment in your people beyond a small training budget per head is key.

Sally will be helping you figure out exactly how to empower and encourage your SLT to be better leaders

“Before someone really steps up, you as a founder have to step away. You have to create space,” says high-stakes leadership mentor, Sally Henderson

“Often, founders say that their SLT isn’t stepping up and not doing what they want them to do. Have you actually told them what that looks like? Have you changed your own behaviours?”

“There’s a massive gap in the agency world when it comes to investing in people. When people are promoted to a more senior role, they suddenly have to recast what they do, what their relationship is with their peers, and their new identity as a leader.”

Sally says that while many agency leaders expect this transition to be a smooth one, through osmosis, it takes a heck of a lot more investment.

“Take a moment to think about what real investment you’ve made in your top talent, beyond a £500 per head budget. There needs to be a mindset shift and a proper process in place to set these people up for success, to actually develop their leadership growth ahead of the curve.”

Sally will be telling you exactly how to encourage and empower your SLT, and how this can supercharge your entire team’s potential and growth.