CLIENT SIDE: What Clients Think

Thu 31 Mar 2022 11:00 am UK Time

• We all want to know what clients really think…
• …and now, Jonathan Kirk and his team at Up to the Light can help you gain that insight.
• Publishing their eighth annual ‘What Clients Think’ report, Jonathan will be telling us how things are looking on the client side – and what you should be keeping in mind when trying to win new work.

He’s just published Up to the Light’s seventh annual ‘What Clients Think’ report – and he’s going to take us through some of its fascinating findings.

It’s the question on everyone’s lips: what do clients REALLY want?

To help answer this, Jonathan Kirk and his team at Up to the Light are soon publishing their annual ‘What Clients Think’ report – and they’ll be sharing the results with the Agency Hackers audience.

“The last couple of years have been characterised by clients coping with what’s immediately in front of them, firefighting, with an inability to plan ahead,” says Jonathan, director of Up to the Light.

“It’s been fairly chaotic, and agencies AND clients have had to be pragmatic – but I think we’re pulling out of that now.”

Join us as we go client side with Jonathan to discuss all of this and more:

  • What challenges have clients been facing? Over 30% of clients are currently going through a restructuring process, with others mulling over how their brands can stay relevant and reactive.
  • What do clients actually take notice of? For example, 32% of clients surveyed said they’d been turned off by an agency’s social media activity, while 61% said they were ‘unimpressed’ by showreel-style videos.

How can you win new clients, and retain your existing relationships? A staggering 66% said that agencies were failing to answer the question, ‘why us?’, compared to other agencies.