Thurs 24 Nov 3:00pm UK time

• When it comes to investing in your team, a lot of people forget about themselves as leader.
• For Dan Moore, it was working with his previous co-founders and coach Martin Palethorpe that helped him really get to grips with his leadership style.
Join Dan and Martin in conversation as they talk about the importance of working on yourself as a leader, and how successful change can only really come from the very top.

Dan says the biggest breakthrough when working with leadership coach Martin was communication

Dan Moore ran his previous agency with two co-founders. But he eventually realised that after 15 years of working together, something wasn’t quite right – so he enlisted leadership coach Martin Palethorpe to figure this out.

“Through talking to Martin, I realised pretty early on how differently our personalities, experiences and realities interacted,” Dan explains. “Working on myself as a leader wasn’t the original goal, but it ended up being a natural output of the work we did to figure out our own individual ways forward.”

“The work we’ve done is complementary to the business. I’m a proposals and spreadsheets kind of guy, so the biggest breakthrough was communication, and through that being able to understand others better. It’s been for the benefit of everyone, but myself especially.”

Martin points to this being a journey of constant evolution, one that has helped Dan uncover the kind of leader he is and wants to be.

“It helped Dan and his co-founders work out where they were going and what they wanted,” he explains. “Now, they might all be running separate businesses, but Dan is now really clear on where he’s going with Found and what he wants his leadership to be like.”

Dan and Martin will be chatting in more detail about the changes Dan made through coaching and training, and how it has improved the way he runs his business.