Thurs 30 Nov 2023 2:00pm UK time

The best time to think about funding is before your agency needs it.

One day, your agency might need external funding to fuel operations, growth, or specific projects. But navigating the world of funding can be complex. 

In this month’s CFO Surgery, Pam Phillips, founder of agency accounting firm de Jong Phillips will dive into the ins and outs of obtaining funding for agencies. 

“There’s so much that agencies can do to get into the best shape possible to get access to funding,” says Pam.

“The closer you are to your numbers, and the more you’ve thought it through, you’ll have a better view of how much you need.” 

Funding isn’t talked about much in the agency world. And you might not ever have considered it if you’re bootstrapping your agency. But there’s several great reasons to take external money:

  • You might need to bridge gaps. Sometimes, agencies might have a financial shortfall and require funding to cover operational costs or other immediate needs.
  • To seize opportunities. When you run an agency, you often come across growth opportunities – like the chance to buy another company, invest in infrastructure, or hire more team members. 
  • Managing cash flow. With the best will in the world, agencies still have a delay between completing a project and getting paid by the client. So invoice financing can be a useful tool. 

In this session, we’ll explore the different types of funding available to businesses. This is everything from standard loans, rolling facilities, invoice financing, asset financing, to equity funding, grants, and specialised commercial property loans – along with the significance of credit rating and the role of online brokers in the funding process.

Curious about funding options for your agency? Pam is on hand to help you figure it all out.