CEO SUMMIT: What Are Your Responsibilities as a Founder?

Tue 6 Sep 2022 2:00 pm UK Time

• As an agency leader, you have a lot of responsibilities.
• So, what does that mean when it comes to a cost of living crisis, and making sure your team are happy and comfortable?
• We’ll be talking about how much of the onus should be on you as an employer and ask where the buck stops in this month’s CEO Summit.

When it comes to your responsibilities as a founder, where does the buck stop?

As an agency leader there are lots of responsibilities on your shoulders.

And when it comes to the current economic landscape and making sure your team is coping, how much of the onus should be on YOU?

Perhaps you’ve increased salaries in line with inflation and rising interest rates, awarded bonuses, or even added new perks and benefits to keep your team happy and comfortable.

But how much of this is your responsibility as a founder when times a bit tougher than normal? 

And what can you feasibly do while also keeping your agency afloat?

We’ll be discussing this in this month’s CEO Summit.

Please note, this session is strictly for agency leaders/founders ONLY.

It also won’t be recorded, so feel free to come along and be as honest and frank as you like.