Wed 7 Jun 2023 2:00pm UK time

AI is here to stay – and many worry it will make their current roles completely redundant.
Matt Garbutt, creative director at Brave Bison, says that while it might not take our jobs overnight, it’ll be the people who can truly grasp AI who will be in demand – if they’re not already.
What makes an AI whisperer? What will agencies need to look for when they’re recruiting? We’ll be discussing all this and more.

As agencies have started to embrace AI, there’s been a shift in thinking – something Matt Garbutt, creative director at Brave Bison, experienced last year.

“I wrote this blog and I was a bit ‘meh’ about the whole thing. Even though our special ops team had already developed their own generative AI tool for short and long-form copy, I felt that available AI tooling was missing too much of a human element.”

“It was interesting, but I felt our jobs were safe. And then… the world changed.”

And while AI might not take our jobs overnight, it’s the AI whisperers, people who can truly grasp and harness AI, that will be in demand.

“AI is an augmentation of us, but I don’t think it replaces us,” says Matt. “However, if we’re not open-minded and work with it, we will very quickly become obsolete.”

“Getting the results that you’re looking for when using it isn’t as simple as typing a random sentence of what you’re after. It will not get you the desired results. It’s about the constructs, the emphasis, and the weighting you put on different elements of a prompt, or how you construct the design.”

“I do think that people who are adopting it and starting to work with it will be the ones in demand as the curve steepens.”

As agencies look to make AI part of their everyday process, how and who should they recruit? And what makes an AI whisperer?

Join Matt as we discuss how to find the right people to drive the AI vehicle in your agency, and what recruiting for those skills could – and already does – look like.