What’s On This Week: How to create harmony in your team

11 months ago

Bec Chelin will be leading discussions on how to create a completely harmonious team in this weeks online session



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What’s On

Tuesday 22 August, 11am- Generalists vs Specialists: How to create a harmonious team

Bec Chelin
Bec Chelin will be talking through how to create a harmonious team

In this session, Bec Chelin, director at Manifest will take attendees through how her agency developed a harmonious team of both specialists and agency generalists and how they are now able to better service their clients.

Bec said: “It came as part of the evolution of our proposition. We’d moved away from being a PR & comms agency – where we needed a team of people who could do a bit of this and a bit of that – towards a brand communications and strategic consultancy model.

“For that, we needed people with in-depth insights to help identify consumer problems for our clients that nobody else has found. It takes a well-qualified brand strategist to turn that into something meaningful, so the proposition change created a need for more specialists.” 

“Teams of specialists are phenomenal, but you tend to find that people who are such experts in their field don’t always think beyond their field. And really, you want someone who can stand back objectively to find the best step forward for the business – impartial to the wants or needs of any specialist team.”

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