The Good Agencies Awards: Celebrating Agencies Pioneering Positive Impact

8 months ago

Recognising the positive impact of agencies in today’s world, The Good Agencies Awards is set to take centre stage in London this November.

Nominations are now open for The Good Agencies Awards!

And these awards are particularly unique- as they are celebrating all the agencies that are doing much more than just business. Anyone who is rolling up their sleeves and trying to make a difference in the community deserves to be celebrated and now Agency Hackers have created a space for this to happen.

From those making moves in sustainability to those who are championing inclusivity, The Good Agencies Agencies are all for shining a light on agencies that are mixing profit with purpose. And let’s be honest, in a world that is crippled with challenges, it’s very refreshing to see the agency industry stepping up to be at the front of making a positive change.

So, as the buzz grows and we inch closer to the winners announcement, which will be made at the highly anticipated Good Agencies Summit in November, everyone’s got their eyes peeled to see which agencies will grab the spotlight and set the gold standard.

The winners will be announced at The Good Agencies Summit in November

A Glimpse into the Award Categories

There are three primary categories to shine a light on the outstanding work these agencies are doing:

  1. The Agency Purpose Award: For agencies putting a higher purpose at their core. This category focuses on recognising businesses that effectively balance purpose with profit, showcasing a clear vision of making a meaningful impact while succeeding in their respective fields.
  2. Agency Sustainability Award: Aimed at applauding agencies that are paving the way towards a sustainable future. The focus is on agencies earnestly integrating sustainable methods, lowering their carbon emissions, and leading the fight against climate change.
  3. Inclusive Agency Award: A salute to agencies promoting diversity and inclusivity. Recognising businesses making strides in embracing diversity, whether it pertains to age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion.

Moreover, these categories branch out into sub-categories based on agency size and location, providing ample opportunities for agencies of all scales to earn their well-deserved accolades. Be sure to check out the entry form to see what you can be nominated for!

The Good Agencies Awards recognise agencies that using their platform to positively influence their people, their clients or the planet

Distinguished Panel of Judges

The awards have amassed a stellar panel of industry frontrunners to judge the entries. With more names to be disclosed shortly, anticipation continues to build.

  • Alex Holliman- Climbing Trees
  • Cas Majid- WOW Group
  • Sabrina Chevannes- Complex Creative
  • Jaye Cowle- Launch Online
  • Tom Tapper- Nice and Serious
  • And more to be announced…

Key Dates to Remember

  • Entries Open: 1st August 2023
  • Early Bird Closure: 15th September 2023
  • Final Deadline: 30th September 2023
  • Winners Announced: 2nd November 2023

Balancing purpose with profit is no small feat. If your agency is making waves in these areas, it’s time to step into the limelight.

Grab an entry form and join the ranks of those being celebrated for their outstanding efforts. Find out more here.

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