SNAP LDN Collaborates with Vitality to Roll Out New Unified Brand Campaign

9 months ago

Stanley has found his voice in Vitality’s new campaign

Creative agency SNAP LDN has partnered up with health and life insurer Vitality to launch a brand new integrated brand campaign.

The new campaign reflects on an update in how the insurer brings its brand to life and its continual strive for innovation and makes a hero of Vitality’s much loved brand mascot, Stanley the Dachshund. He will be taking centre stage and is now running, jumping, swimming and sliding his way through life, a stark contrast to his usual reluctant to exercise form.

Stanley has also found his voice in the new 40″ TV spot, and has been voiced by comedian Jim Howick under the direction of award winning Keith Schofield. This platform idea spans across consumer, adviser, and employer audiences as well as down from TV and CRM. The new brand campaign is also represented across social and display with Stanley the star of static imagery by talented photographer Dan Burn-Forti.

Stanley’s evolution from a reluctant figure to a positive can-do, yes-let’s, charmer has transformed our campaign. Retiring him was never an option.

Oliver Lewis-Barclay

Keith Kropman, Chief Marketing Officer at Vitality, said: “Our commitment to support people to live heathier lives has been unwavering since our inception, and this new campaign represents a true evolution of Vitality’s branding, and our role as a next generation insurer – an organisation that looks to challenge the current norms within the insurance sector and continually evolve.

“Today’s evolution of the Vitality brand is a natural next step for us. Stanley will now focus on supporting people to make healthier choices, moving away from the detractor role he previously played. Partnering with SNAP, we have focused on using our brand to communicate what we do and how it can benefit our members. Today’s launch embodies Vitality’s ethos of ‘always moving forward’, propelling our members’ health and wellbeing forward in the process.”

Oliver Lewis-Barclay, Managing Partner at SNAP LDN, added: “Stanley’s evolution from a reluctant figure to a positive can-do, yes-let’s, charmer has transformed our campaign. Retiring him was never an option, and now, he embodies the brand, radiating progress and positive energy. This shift allows us to convey the many layers of messaging more powerfully, from brand purpose to unique rewards and Vitality’s unrivalled cover. And it’s great fun too.”

The fully integrated campaign launches today across TV, VOD, Digital, Social and Print and will run for a minimum of 12 months. SNAP LDN developed the campaign with independent film studio Caviar, visual effects studio Electric Theatre Collective, digital innovation company Bernadette, and global production studio Girl&Bear.

Vitality is known for continually transforming the health and life insurance sector, driven by its core purpose to make people healthier and to enhance and protect their lives. The insurer’s brand has consistently bought this purpose to life in its story telling, while using the striking and memorable colour of pink across everything, and the consistent use of Stanley as the brand mascot. 

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