PPC Agency Leaders Set to Gather at Exclusive Shoreditch Treehouse Summit this September

7 months ago

PPC Leaders are encouraged to share their thoughts on a broad range of hot topics in the industry at this popular London event

Industry leaders have been invited to join Agency Hackers’ highly anticipated PPC Leaders Summit this month.

Set to take place at the Shoreditch Treehouse, the event will see frontrunners of PPC agencies joining together to network and dig deep into the evolving challenges and share expertise. The event, which has seen huge success in the past, aims to bring together leaders for an afternoon of candid and confidential discussions.

There will be a number of expert speakers who have years of experience in the industry and will guide attendees in conversations about everything from managing client expectations to working with offshore teams.

PPC Leaders are gathering in September
PPC Leaders will get to network with each other and hear from industry frontrunners

Sophie Logan, head of paid media at Victress Digital, will delve into the dynamics of shifting client expectations. With the complexities of platform and legislation changes, the demands on PPC agencies are greater than ever with Sophie saying: “A lot of clients still have that old-school mentality of PPC being quick, cheap and easy.

“Different features, platform changes, privacy guidelines – there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes.”

Meanwhile, the challenge of recruiting talent in the PPC space, an issue for many, will be addressed by Rob Sherwood, commercial and operations director at Repeat Digital. Rob will be talking about the importance of attitude over skill set in potential hires: “It’s about finding someone with the right attitude, and the right person to really help the agency develop – but it’s been a battle we’re having to meet in the middle.”

On the topic of offshore teams, Vicki Jakes, managing director of The Social Ads Squad, is set to share her 15 years of experience. Vicki believes in the potential of creating dedicated and passionate teams, regardless of their geographical location and timezone. She said: “The opportunities you get when working with people overseas are really exciting and when I went out on my own a couple of years ago, it was just more cost-effective to look overseas.”

AI is nothing new, it’s just a buzzword

Will Levitt

Another hot topic, the implications of AI in the PPC industry, will be tackled by Will Levitt, group head of paid media at connective3. Dispelling common misconceptions, Levitt views AI as an opportunity rather than a threat, “AI can fill in the gaps, but as humans, we know what’s important for business,” he commented, adding that, “AI is nothing new, it’s just a buzzword.”

The event, which is in collaboration with Diginius, kicks off 1.30pm on Thursday 21 September and will run through until 5pm. Attendees are encouraged to share their own journeys and opinions, but if they don’t want to they will still gain fresh perspectives from a room full of peers.

For full details on each topic and to register, interested PPC leaders can click here

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